FallOut CrossFit – School of Elite Fitness Tri-cities, WA


Hear What Our Members/Visitors Have to Say About Us

  • “Honestly I don’t think I will do any other kind of exercise outside of Crossfit” – Sheena

  • “We made it to the final for the second year in a row…we ran the other team into the ground in the second half and we all thought of you and your training.” – James Wade CBC Women Soccer Coach

  • “Who would have thought you and your program would be my golden ticket to health.” – Michele

  • “I would like to say I really was impressed from your team! I have visited a bunch of gyms because of dating a trainer for 2 years and I really enjoyed the group you have there. Everyone is super friendly!” – Cori

  • “Thanks a million to you and your staff;  I had a great time participating in the WOD’s at your affiliate, and I must say you guys have a pretty great program with some awesome individuals providing guidance for the WOD’s” – Neal

  • “Even though I fear the workout, I am making amazing progress!  After only 3 workouts, I am feeling HUGE improvements in my fitness level, and overall energy.  I would never have expected to make so much progress in so few workouts.” – Elinor

  • “I really like crossfit! It’s the type of workout I was looking for! I love the challenge and intensity! I’m glad I joined up” – Holly

  • “Hey CrossFitters! I just wanted to tell you all that I passed my Army PT test with flying colors this morning! Passing this starts off my full Army ROTC scholarship to Gonzaga. Thank you all so much for pushing me this summer, sweating our faces off together and ultimately helping me achieve this goal! can’t wait to come back!!!!” – Natalie

  • ““Thanks” again for allowing me to come in and get a workout in at your wonderful gym. More proof to the awesomeness that is the Crossfit Community.” – Aaron

  • “Crossfit has provided me with that competitive atmosphere again, however it also is a supportive one as well. You won’t find a better enviorment to train in, I guarantee it. I’ve become bigger, faster, and stronger.” – Joey

  • “When I started I couldn’t squat, couldn’t do a pull up, had no flexibility, had very weak joints, and couldn’t run. Now I can do all of these things. I ran a 5K a month ago for the first time in my life, and now with gaining more flexibility every day” – Andrea

  • “After finally getting on board with the diet in February, I really started seeing results. I lost 35 lbs and am fitting into a size I haven’t seen since high school.” – Michelle

  • “My total cholesterol DROPPED to 169. I visited both of my Dr.’s that recommended my statin drug and BOTH of them said I could go off the statin. We all expect it may increase slightly w/o the drug, but it should stay under the recommended 200. THANK YOU, BEN for having that conversation with me and betting me it would go down.” – Gail

  • Thank you for the hospitality that all of you showed while I was visiting from Texas. I had a blast working out with all of you! – Walter