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Women Power Part 2

‘This video her is a little insulting to all women. I don’t think me and this “trainer” could ever really be friends. “Women should never lift anything over 3lbs”? Where does Tracey Anderson come up with this stuff?! I don’t know much about how to raise a child, but I’m pretty sure at some point a mother carries her child who most certainly weighs more then 3lbs!! There are plenty of women in CrossFit who prove that you don’t have to starve yourself or just do tons of cardio to lose weight and be fit. A better way to accomplish this is to be dedicated, eat well, and rest. Not prance around a room to the latest dance craze music in a heated room and sweat away the pounds. Gwyneth, you should fire your trainer and come hang out at FallOut CrossFit and have our women show you what a real workout is!

Tracy Anderson’s Weight Loss WorkOut

WOD: Joey’s Special

  • 500m Row
  • Double Unders
  • Burpees – 50 burpees
    • Level III: 150 DUs
    • Level II: 300 single unders
    • Level I: 200 single unders


Do you let them stop you?!

Sooner or later if you involve yourself with any physical activity there is the potential risk for injury. So what happens if you get injured? Do you stop working out? I would suggest no, based upon the extent of your injury of course. But for most people this just means pro-active with your workouts, and being able to substitute certain movements for others. Even if that means just coming into the gym and working on flexibility issues that you may have over looked while you were going full steam ahead. This may be a great time to focus on areas that you are weak in. Don’t use an injury as your excuse to not workout, you’ll be amazed at what you can still do while injured. Thoughts? Comments?

Nice Work Today Dan with your first WOD!

WOD: 30 Squat Clean & Jerks

Level III –155/100# Level II – 115/75# Level I – 65/45#
30 Clean & Jerks
30 Cleans and Jerks
30 Clean and Jerks



NO, NO, NO, NO!! This is not what we are working towards at this gym!!

Where in any context would anyone think that this is conducive to living and being able to perform at a high athletic level? Ladies don’t worry you will not be some muscle bound person walking down the street saying “where’s the beach” flexing and pointing towards the yakima river! We do use weight very regularly in our workouts, but also we have days that are dedicated solely to strength. These days should be just has difficult has our Fran days, these days should crush you too!!! These are just as important as your metcon workouts  Don’t think these days aren’t beneficial for you, they will only make you metcon day weights seem lighter over time.


Press: 1-1-1-1-1

Push Press: 3-3-3-3-3

Push Jerk: 5-5-5-5-5

Women power!

All to many times when I’m talking to women about the gym they’ll say, “Well what do you do? I don’t want to get big, I just want to get toned” Bollocks!! Weights are not just for men, you may not lift as much as the guy next to you, but you should still be straining to lift the weights. The idea of toning ones self is completely non sense. Every person should be able to do a pull up, every person should be able to lift their bodyweight off the ground. These are simple tasks that most women cannot do! Why? Because the have been feed a bunch of bull honkey by the popular media of how you should act/look/feel. Most of the students here in the gym are women and they kick ass! I put any of my crossfitting women up against any of the elliptical spinning women of the local global gym in a workout of their choice and see who comes out the victor. I’ve seen this article posted in a couple different blogs so I’ll leave it here for you to check out as well, written by Jon Gilson, You are Beautiful. Check it out!


Deadlift 3-3-3-3-3

Cindy – Cindy x 2 – Cindy x 3

Which ever way you slice it, you are going to have fun!

I love CrossFit as much as the next CrossFitter. But why? Why do I come into the gym day in and day out and run myself through a grueling workout, and then turn around and run other through the same workout. Because I enjoy to watch others suffer? No. Because I like to suffer? No. I do it because it makes me better at being me and allows me an escape. When you are in the middle of this workout or any workout for that matter it doesn’t matter what is going on in the rest of the world. You’re not thinking about that next bill that’s due or whether or not you fed the dogs this morning. All you are focused on is making sure that you get your chin all the way over the bar. And you make sure that you finish the workout any way you can, this is what defines who you are. People come into CrossFit with all different types of backgrounds, but we all leave the same way, knowing that we gave it our all.


Level III Level II Level I
15 Pullups30 Pushups

45 Squats

10 Jumping Pullups20 Knee Pushups

30 Squats

5 Jumping Pullups10 Knee Pushups

15 Squats