FallOut CrossFit – School of Elite Fitness Tri-cities, WA

September 23, 2016

ENDURANCE: Not for time, 100 x wall balls

WOD: 5 rounds for max TOTAL REPS, 1 minute at each station,

Row – cals

Kettle bell swings

Toes 2 Bar


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July 20, 2016

STRENGTH: EMOM x 10 rounds – 1 x split jerk + 3 x high, explosive box jumps

WOD: For time,

10 x Squat Cleans + 1 Burpee

9 x Squat Cleans + 2 Burpees…

Continue deducting 1 Squat Clean and adding 1 Burpee, until you reach 1 x Squat Clean and 10 x Burpees.


STRENGTH: 1) Clean & Jerk

70% x 2 x (3+3), 85% x 2 x (2+2), 90% x 2 (1+1)

2) Front squat, 3 sets of 5 @ 70%

WOD: 21-15-9

High hang power clean

Hand release push ups

June 10, 2013

Every Minute on the Minute: 3 presses @ 75% of 1 RM


For time, 3 rounds:

100 m farmer’s carry

25 x burpees

15 x toes to bar



Open Invite: Games PREP Informational Meeting

Attention all FOCF athletes!!!




Interested in learning more about the Games PREP program?

Attend the informational meeting on Monday, April 8th at 7:00 pm.

Participate in Games PREP workouts on Monday, April 8th at 7:30 pm (following the meeting) and Saturday, April 13th at 7:00 am.

See if the program is right for you!


What is Games Prep?

  • Practice and master specialized skills needed for the competition level

  • Maximize muscular power, cardiovascular/respiratory endurance, and mind endurace

  • Increase 1 RM in Olympic lifts and Power lifts

Who is eligible?

“Games Prep” is offered to members in good standing who have previously competed in the CrossFit Games or who intend to compete in next year’s 2014 CrossFit Games and are willing to sign a “Games Prep Commitment Form.”  All Games Prep Athletes must be proficient in all lifting movements and CrossFit disciplines.



Questions? Ask coach Tim or email: contact@falloutcrossfit.com

July 27, 2012

21-18-15-12-9-6-3 reps:

squat cleans

lateral box jumps



Check out this cool video Olympics 2012 video that explores the mechanics of weightlifting!