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Paleo Seminar

So now that you have sat through a couple grueling hours of the science behind that paleo diet, WTF chuck! I don’t remember all that stuff, and even so why does Ben?! Because I’m a nerd, simply put. But how am I suppose to do THIIIIISSSSS! You may not say it out loud like that but in your head you are cursing me I know it. People think this stuff is so hard. I really don’t understand it. You have food that is good for you and food that is bad for you. But the vast majority of us go for the bad stuff, simply because it tastes good and is quick and easy. In a world full of enough stress (cortisol) you insult yourself everyday by eating food that worsens an already bad situation. Most of us worry about the future to no end, money, jobs, bills, mortgage, debt collectors…$$$ etc. But when it comes to your health, “eh! I feel good”. And there is no second thought to the future of your health. All that other stuff is just that stuff, it comes and goes. You’ll get through it. You only get your health once, and very rarely when it goes to you get it back. BUT, for those of you who still think it’s hard to eat real food, paleo, here’s a great article by the author of everydaypaleo.com, “What does eating Paleo REALLY Mean?? And a recipe….”. Any confusion still?


WOD: Thursday

Warm up: Agility ladder drills, deadlift form work


  • 150 Double Unders
    • 9 Deadlifts
  • 100 Double Unders
    • 6 Deadlifts
  • 50 Double Unders
    • 3 Deadlifts
  • III: 315/185
  • II: 245/135 3x single unders
  • I: <135/95 2x single unders

Paleo Seminar

Paleo Seminar – Friday 12/3 5:30pm – 7:30pm
Open to all!
(no evening classes this day)
$20 for members (discounts apply) $30 for non members.

Tired of not losing weight or feeling weak during workouts?

Come learn about the Paleo Diet. What you were meant to eat and why & how food relates to disease.

Time to get back to the basics of food.

Changing you diet can be very difficult. It is engrained in out daily lives and something that most people don’t put a lot of though into when deciding what to eat. Your food is your fuel, it gives your body the necessary ingredients for life helping it to avoid illness and disease and preparing your body for whatever you throw at it in your active lifestyle. Be responsible for what you put in your body, it’s the only one you get.

Below are a few links of additional reading for a paleo lifestyle:

Nutrition Food Log – Since we are all going to write down what we eat and hold ourselves accountable
Robb Wolf Nutrition Collections – 42 Ways to Skin the Zone
Essential & Metabolic Fatty Acids – Omega 6/3, Prostaglandins, inflammation, etc.
Zone Food Guide – How much is 1 block of _______?
Shopping Guide – Helpful ideas for a shopping list
Fish Oil Calulator


WOD: Wednesday

3 rounds

10 Front Squats 45/35
15 Push Press 45/35


3 Rounds For Time

21 Thrusters
21 Pull Ups
400 M Run

III: 95/65
II: 75/55, bands
I: 45/35, bands

The war against SUGAR

So this week we are cutting out sugar. How many of you were able to do this yesterday? Did you all earn your point for the day? I hope so, but it might get harder as the days go on so keep a strong mind and focus on the goal at hand. So why is there such a problem? Well because we are eating more, men on average and extra 187 calories a day and women 335 calories more. Where are these calories coming from, carbohydrate, mostly in the form of sugars, more specifically High Fructose Corn Syrup. Something has caused your appetite regulation system to go awry. A hormone, Leptin, that is responsible for letting you know when you are full is not working anymore. The old model of calories in and calories out just doesn’t cut it anymore. Try explaining how six-month old babies are the latest victims of the obesity epidemic–diet and exercise can’t be the cause. I’m sure most people have heard the stat that a soda a day equals 15 pounds a year. The average american drinks 60 gallons of soda a year. The current annual consumption of sugar is 141 pounds per person, and 63 pounds of that is HFCS. This is equal to 73 grams a day of Fructose accounting for 12% of their total daily calories. In the past century, fructose consumption has increased 5-fold and Americans now spend over 90% of their money for food on a processed food product. Fructose is not when taken in moderation like if you were to get it from fruits and vegetable, your intake would be rough 15 grams a day. But it’s also mixed in with fiber, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and beneficial phytonutrients, all which moderate the negative metabolic effects and aren’t empty calories. Excessive fructose consumption can lead to increased blood pressure, cholesterol (decreased HDL, increased LDL, increased triglycerides), i.e. metabolic syndrome. Fructose metabolism is very similar to alcohol metabolism, and will cause liver toxicity and “beer belly”. As disease rates continue to rise even with evolving medicine people wonder why we keep getting less healthy as a population. Look at the rise in HFCS in the diet from 1970 to 2005 it has increased more then 10,673 PERCENT according to a USDA report It’s no wonder that america is obese.

The video below is long but if you have time it’s very interesting and you should grap some vegetables and sit down and watch it. Leave the soda and popcorn at the store.


WOD: Monday

WU: Bottom to Bottom Tabata Squats


  • 500m row
    • 500 Single Unders
  • 400m row
    • 400 Single Unders
  • 300m row
    • 300 Single Unders
  • 200m row
    • 200 Single Unders
  • 100m row
    • 100 Single Unders

Paleo Challenge Starts TODAY!

“Meat, and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch,  and no sugar!”

Alright it’s time to get health everyone! You had your fun this weekend with Neolithic foods, now it’s time to work you all into a Paleo Lifestyle. Remember this is not a diet, this is a lifestyle change for a healthier you. Diets are meant to be broken. We want you to change how you think about food and ultimately stick with it for life. But we wont make you quit cold turkey so we are going to ween you off the food that has you in it’s grasp and into food that fuel your body for these workouts and lean you out to your optimal weight.

Week 1: No sugar – no means no. Look at the label if sugar, evaporated can juice, dextrose, sucrose, corn syrup etc is on the label then it’s off limits. This includes artificial sweeteners & gum.

How does the scoring work? –

1 Point daily for each of the following:

*Each Day of Eating Strict based on weeks rules and keeping a journal

  • Crossfitting @ least 2 days per week (use your free Saturdays)
  • Sleeping 8+ hours per Night
  • Before and After Picture (must be done to qualify for prize)
    • Against white wall in swim suit
  • 5 bonus points for recommended reading
  • Alcohol is a -2 points/day

Each Saturday you will post your points  in the comments section of the recipe post.

If you do not post your points, you will get a ZERO!

If weight loss is a goal for you – remember your Carb Intake levels: Men – <50gm/day Women – <30gm/day

Recommended Reading:

Helpful Links:

Drink water, water and more water! Your body is going to be going through a week or so of DETOXING all the processed, junky, nasty foods that we eat! Admit it, we eat a lot of junk that controls our moods, attitudes, performance and ambition!
You will most likely experience  strong cravings for these foods , crazy mood swings and all sorts of types of body changes that might try to talk you into quitting the challenge, warn friend and family of what you are doing and why! Stick to it, you will get over that hump after a week or so and feel like a champion! This is why we are taking 4 weeks to get to Paleo.

Download your score sheet here

Here is a recipe to get you started!

Crispy Nut & Herb Fried Chicken


  • 2 chicken cutlets
  • 4 eggs
  • 4 cups raw, unsalted nuts of your choice
  • 1/2 cup finely chopped herbs of your choice
  • 1/4 – 1/2 cup cooking oil of your choice (not vegetable oil) (olive oil best)
  • 1 avocado, sliced
  • Salt & pepper to taste
  • Finely grind nuts in food processor, but don’t grind them so long that they turn into paste. Combine the ground nuts with the chopped herbs. Add salt and pepper to taste.
  • Lightly beat raw eggs in large bowl.  Dip chicken cutlets in the egg wash and coat both sides with the nut mixture.
  • Heat oil in skillet over medium heat.  Place chicken in skillet and cook until browned on both sides and cooked through, about five minutes a side.
  • Top with avocado slices before serving.
  • If you don’t have a food processor you can get Almond Meal at Yokes, this would work good too
  • Choose different meats, pork would be an excellent option as well.
  • Mix up your herbs, get creative – it will all taste good


Also…Paleo Challenge!

The Paleo Challenge is going to start on July 5th! Yes we now can all get on board and help each other to improved health and fitness! The rules are described in the power point presentation below, please download and review. Also you will want to download the Paleo Scorecard this will be need to help you keep track of your points. Because the winner will receive a $100 gift card to Yokes! I hope everyone is excited about this. You will need to keep a food journal and workout journal during these 8 weeks in order to be eligible for the prize. Good Luck to everyone that is going to partake, I hope everyone does!

Download and Print Scorecard