FallOut CrossFit – School of Elite Fitness Tri-cities, WA

Save the Cheerleader, Save the WOD?

Okay so I am currently on a Netflix & Heroes kick but yesterdays post of CrossFit LA couldn’t of come at a more perfect time. The #1 rule at FallOut CrossFit is: Arrive early stay late & Cheer Others ON! But what if you are last? As was the case for me yesterday. There is a lot going on in a person’s head during a CrossFit workout. You are battling with your own demons, wanting to push through, avoid the pukie bucket and finish strong. There are different kinds of motivation though. There is the in your face drill Sargent, “finish it now or I’ll FINISH you!!!” or the encouraging positive, “You CAN DO IT!”. For some, cheering is great it gives you that little extra UMPF! But for others it can be a distraction, annoying, a reminder that you are last! But is this all part of the building process? Can you block out the fact that you are in last place and focus on the task at hand and complete the workout? Can you harness the extra energy that is being given to you through the waves of encouragement? The cheering shouldn’t be a reminder that you are last, but a reminder that there is a group that wants to see you succeed and finish strong. That you are giving it all you can and that you don’t give up. No one at the gym will judge you but yourself. That’s what’s so great about this environment and CrossFit is that ever single person wants to improve and see others improve. It’s inspiring! Always remember that just when you thought you were getting good at CrossFit, there will always be a workout to knock you back on your butt and let you know who is boss. Just show up and try to tame the beast again the next WOD.

WOD: Thursday

  • Karen – 150 wallballs for time

    • Level III: 20/14
    • Level II: 14/10
    • Level I: 10/6

Heavy Isn’t Always the Answer

Scaling…We have predetermined scales here at FOCF, which makes it easy for people to make a decision on the weights they are using for each WOD and gives you some flexibility in your decisions. But have you ever come in and maybe done too much? Or been coerced into doing too much. I’ll admit as coaches we all want you to succeed but sometimes our eyes are bigger then your muscles, and like wise your eyes are too large alos. It happens, and when it does you look at the clock when you are finished and go, “WHAT! 25min!?” When everyone else finished in 10min. Been there done that! So what is the meat and bones for CrossFit? POWER, and power equals work/time. Work in the amount of weight you move over a distance (i.e. thruster) and the faster you do thrusters the more powerful it is. It’s always a cat and mouse game, but our job is to get the largest power output because that’s what gets you the good stuff! “Zatsiorsky posits that maximal power output occurs at approximately 30% of maximal velocity and 50% of maximal load.” Scaling is not just for grandma guys and gals, you don’t get athletic by just being able to lift heavy things, you get athletic by lifting heavy things very fast. Be more than strong, be powerful. A good article from the guys at Again Faster talk about just this topic, in Zatsiorsky, Scaling, and Power by Jon Gilson. Read the comments section too there some great debates throughout.

WOD: Tuesday


10 Push Ups
Sprint/run to street
10 Squats
6 Rounds


  • 3 rounds
  • 30 wallballs
  • 30 Squat Snatch
  • Level III: 20/14 & 75/55
  • Level II: 14/10 & 55/35
  • Level I: 10/6 & 35/18

Goals, get some!

If you haven’t seen it yet, here is a great video to motivate you and inspire you to do something you don’t think you can right now. What ever it is, whether it’s loosing 120lbs, running a marathon or both. Set a goal and a time you want to complete it and let’s make it happen. Post your goals to the comments and share you thoughts. The FallOut CrossFit family can do anything we set our minds to as long as we stay determined and train smart.


WOD: Monday

WU: Can’t do DU, must attempt

  • 800x Run
  • 1x Jump Tuck/1x Double Under
  • 2x Jump Tucks/2x Double Under
  • 3… all the way to 10


5 rounds

  • 10 Pull Ups
  • 20 Push Ups
  • 30 Wall Ball
    • III: 20/14
    • II: 14/10 bands
    • I: 10/6 bands

The New Skinny

Okay so here is the skinny. Girls if you are worried about getting all “jacked”, it just doesn’t happen. The majority of our students are women. ALL of them have improved, lost weight, gotten stronger, run faster, move better, developed increased; Cardio/Respiratory Endurance, Stamina, Strength, Flexibility, Power, Speed, Coordination, Accuracy, Agility, Balance. But no one looks like Arnold! The women at FOCF are empowered and strong because they are dedicated to fitness. Tell me which girl do you want to be? The strong skinny or the skinny fat?

WOD: Tuesday

  • 10 Pull-ups
  • 20 OH Squat (weighted)
  • 30 jumping back squats (weighted)
  • 40 Wall balls
  • 30 jumping back squats (weighted)
  • 20 OH Squat (weighted)
  • 10 Pull-ups
    • Level III: 95/65, 20/14
    • Level II: 65/45, 14/10
    • Level I: 45/35, 10/6

WOD: 08/31/10

CrossFit Games 2010

Who will be the Fittest Man and Woman no Earth?! This is going to be decided at the 2010 CrossFit Games July 16th-18th in Carson, CA  hosted at the Home Depot Center Sports Complex. Heck YES! This is why we train, maybe not to compete at the games but to perform at our highest level. We all want to be great, but these guys and gals are the best. And you can watch them sweat/bleed/cry/strain etc LIVE online at live.crossfit.com.

“Join us for a 30min live Preview Show at 6pm PDT on Thursday, July 15. Full coverage will commence on Friday, July 16 around 8:45am. We’re just putting the finishing touches on the new player. In a couple days, we’ll give you the links to the player and the updated viewing schedule. It’s going to be epic!” – games2010.crossfit.com

I really do encourage people to take some time to check this out through out your weekend. This event shows off the talents and athleticism of the best Crossfitters across the world. These athletes have made it through the sectionals, regionals, and have qualified for a chance to be crowned the fittest in the world. That is a awesome title that will be well deserved. Many people may say that there are fitter, but like Coach Glassman says, “Prove it!”.  This video just gives me goosebumps watching it, pumps me up. I hope some of you are just excited about this as I am. This next year we are all going to train like we want to be the best! I implore you to come in and give it your all everyday you are in the gym, & nothing less. This is your chance to make a change. For more information on the games check out their website, 2010 CrossFit Games.


WOD: Kelly

  • 5 rounds for time:
  • Run 400 meters
  • 30 box jumps
  • 30 wall balls
    • Level III: Box: 24″/20″ Box Jumps & WBall: 20/14
    • Level II: Box: 20″ Box jumps & WBall: 14/10
    • Level I: Box: 20″ step ups ok & WBall: 10/6