FallOut CrossFit – School of Elite Fitness Tri-cities, WA

The New Skinny

Okay so here is the skinny. Girls if you are worried about getting all “jacked”, it just doesn’t happen. The majority of our students are women. ALL of them have improved, lost weight, gotten stronger, run faster, move better, developed increased; Cardio/Respiratory Endurance, Stamina, Strength, Flexibility, Power, Speed, Coordination, Accuracy, Agility, Balance. But no one looks like Arnold! The women at FOCF are empowered and strong because they are dedicated to fitness. Tell me which girl do you want to be? The strong skinny or the skinny fat?

WOD: Tuesday

  • 10 Pull-ups
  • 20 OH Squat (weighted)
  • 30 jumping back squats (weighted)
  • 40 Wall balls
  • 30 jumping back squats (weighted)
  • 20 OH Squat (weighted)
  • 10 Pull-ups
    • Level III: 95/65, 20/14
    • Level II: 65/45, 14/10
    • Level I: 45/35, 10/6

WOD: 08/31/10

CrossFit is for EVERYONE

If you are still wondering if you can or should do this. Here is a little motivation for you! “A CrossFit Grandma” is a CrossFit Journal article that highlights a lady who was 69 years old at the time and was sad that she couldn’t pick up her 13 pound granddaughter, and her experience with CrossFit. Needless to say she was able to pick up her after starting CrossFit. If she can do it, you can do it! Still not convinced? This other CrossFit Journal article, “The Girls for Grandma” shows you how normal CrossFit workouts are generally scaled for people. Don’t feel left out guys, this isn’t just for grandmas, we can scale them for you too. The only catch to CrossFit is that you must be present to see results. It’s just like school, if you don’t show up and do the homework you are probably going to fail the test. If you don’t come into the gym for your workouts, you won’t see any results. You can will the pounds away or wish you had bigger muscles but I’m betting you don’t get far with that approach. Although it would be way easier if that was the case. There is no better place then your local gym here in Richland, FallOut CrossFit, to get the attention and motivation to get you to where you want to be. We have a great family here at the gym all focused on becoming more athletic and healthier and ready to support everyone who comes through these doors.


WOD: Tuesday


  • 2 min burpees
  • 1 min rest
  • 2 min squats
  • 1 min rest
  • 2 min sit ups

WOD: 15-12-9

  • OHS
  • Lateral Box Jumps
  • Push Ups
    • Level III: 95/65, 24/22
    • Level II: 65/45, 22/20, m-toes w-knees
    • Level I: <35/18, 20, knees

Congratulations & Goodbyes

So it is coming to the end of the summer and it’s going to soon time to pull out the backpacks and books for some. Let me say that it has been a blast working out and coaching those that were back from school for the summer. You will all be missed here at the gym, it was awesome watching you guys really get things going in the gym and you all should be proud of the gains that you have made in just this short period of time! Congratulations to Natalie for your big accomplishment and the gigantic scholarship  that you received and good luck with ROTC! Thanks for working out with us this summer! Good luck this baseball season to Dillon as he returns to SCC in Spokane, way to push your Dad in here everyday. Holly good luck up at EWU, and thanks for the great attitude you brought to the gym everyday. Lindsey hope we continue to see you and your brother in here through out the school year. And Megan hope you are also able to keep attending workouts, keep up the hard work! We will see you guys all back here next summer.

Home: FGB Jesse Style

  • HSPU
  • Ring Dips
  • GHD Situps
  • Box Jumps
  • OHS
    • Level III: Rx 75/45
    • Level II: box HSPU, dips, 55/35
    • Level I: box HSPU, box dips, sit ups, box step ups, 35/18

What is CrossFit?

These “What is CrossFit?” videos keep cropping up online, and this is another great one! I will post one of these every time I find them because they are all amazing reminders of how great CrossFit is and the type of people who are drawn to this CrossFit family of ours! I’m looking forward to all the new soon to be CrossFitters that the coaches here at FOCF will have the privilege of meeting in a couple of weeks here at our upcoming Open Gym Week August 23-28th. This is CrossFit and it inspires people to be the best that they can. Here at this gym you will make new friends for life and when you join a CrossFit gym you don’t just join a gym you join a worldwide family of fitness minded people and you will be welcomed with open arms no matter what other gym you visit. Welcome to CrossFit!


WOD: Tuesday

  • 21 OHS
    • 800m run
  • 21 Back Squat
    • 30 Burpees
  • 21 Plyo Push Ups
    • 800m run
  • Level III: 95/65
  • Level II: 65/45
  • Level I: 45/35

WOD: 08/10/10

Just Shake IT!

Just when I thought that CrossFit was the best and fastest growing fitness phenomena, comes the SHAKE WEIGHT! “Shake Weight® Utilizes New Workout Technology Called Dynamic Inertia, which Increases Muscle Activity by More Than 300% Compared to Traditional Weights”. And they say it’s scientifically proven! Sign me up I’ll buy two! Now seriously, when did someone decide that hard work wasn’t needed to get what you want. I’m an advocate of 6 minute workouts, but this is not a workout. Now what we did yesterday was a 6 minute workout that will tax your body in all 10 areas of fitness:  Cardio/Respiratory Endurance, Stamina, Strength, Flexibility, Power, Speed, Coordination, Accuracy, Agility, & Balance. If you want to be proud of your workout and what you’ve accomplished come to FallOut CrossFit. If you want to fit in a “workout” between sitting on the coach watching this commercial and getting up to go to the fridge, buy a Shake Weight!


Not to discriminate here is the Female Commercial too


WOD: 3 rounds

  • 10 Overhead Squats
  • 50 Double-unders
    • Level III: 135/95
    • Level II: 95/65 3x single unders
    • Level I: 45/35 2 x single unders