FallOut CrossFit – School of Elite Fitness Tri-cities, WA

October 21, 2013

WOD 1: “Karen”

150 wall balls, for time

WOD 2: 7 minutes

400 m run

AMRAP box jumps




The Leaderboard

Comprised of the “CrossFit Girl” WODs, we occasionally visit the Leaderboard and challenge ourselves to get on the board for the very first time or move up in ranking. These are workouts that are standard in any CrossFit gym and though “Fran” is the “girl” everyone loves to talk about, the others are worthy of mention too. The leaderboard is a great way to check your improvements (remember how you should be recording your workouts down?).  As these “girls” are performed across the globe in standard form, go ahead, google them, check out other CrossFit webpages and see how you rank. Set a goal that you will perform one of these WODs in Rx form.

“Karen” was the “girl” visited this week at FallOut CrossFit. 150 Wall balls for time. What an amazing and inspirational event to watch. Way to ROCK the board, WOMEN of FallOut CrossFit!!!! Jo is ranked #1 with a time of 5:02(!!!!!!!!!!!!!) and we are excited to add Mary Ann on the board at #4 with a time of 7:07 and Lara #5 with a time of 7:10. On the MEN’s side, Ken earned the #5 spot at 7:42, GREAT JOB! We look forward to visiting other “girls” in the future, we gotta knock some names around!

Save the Cheerleader, Save the WOD?

Okay so I am currently on a Netflix & Heroes kick but yesterdays post of CrossFit LA couldn’t of come at a more perfect time. The #1 rule at FallOut CrossFit is: Arrive early stay late & Cheer Others ON! But what if you are last? As was the case for me yesterday. There is a lot going on in a person’s head during a CrossFit workout. You are battling with your own demons, wanting to push through, avoid the pukie bucket and finish strong. There are different kinds of motivation though. There is the in your face drill Sargent, “finish it now or I’ll FINISH you!!!” or the encouraging positive, “You CAN DO IT!”. For some, cheering is great it gives you that little extra UMPF! But for others it can be a distraction, annoying, a reminder that you are last! But is this all part of the building process? Can you block out the fact that you are in last place and focus on the task at hand and complete the workout? Can you harness the extra energy that is being given to you through the waves of encouragement? The cheering shouldn’t be a reminder that you are last, but a reminder that there is a group that wants to see you succeed and finish strong. That you are giving it all you can and that you don’t give up. No one at the gym will judge you but yourself. That’s what’s so great about this environment and CrossFit is that ever single person wants to improve and see others improve. It’s inspiring! Always remember that just when you thought you were getting good at CrossFit, there will always be a workout to knock you back on your butt and let you know who is boss. Just show up and try to tame the beast again the next WOD.

WOD: Thursday

  • Karen – 150 wallballs for time

    • Level III: 20/14
    • Level II: 14/10
    • Level I: 10/6