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July 27, 2015




Pull Ups 


The focus of this is to simulate the Rx version of intensity. Athletes should be using a light enough weight that they can do all rounds unbroken/almost unbroken.

FINISHER: 1 mile run or 1600 m row @ 85% effort

October 11, 2013

The Infamous “Fran”…



Pull Ups

The Story of Fran

By Greg Glassman



“If a hurricane that wreaks havoc on a whole town can be Fran, so can a workout.”

In this video shot at several CrossFit 101 seminars, Coach Greg Glassman talks about the birth of one of CrossFit’s best-known and most challenging workouts: Fran.

As a young athlete, Coach believed training with weights would help him become a better gymnast. When three sets of eight lateral raises with a Ted Williams weightlifting set didn’t replicate the feeling produced by a two-minute routine on the rings or parallel bars, Coach had to get creative. After coming up with and self-testing a workout involving three rounds of 21, 15 and 9 thrusters and pull-ups, Coach promptly threw up—but he knew he had found something that would make him better at his sport.

From there, Coach invited a friend to try the workout (with similar results), and a few decades later the WOD is still challenging CrossFitters around the world.

Meet “Fran,” A CrossFit ‘Girl’

Measurable. Observable. Repeatable. That’s what we want in a workout. How many of you recorded your time from Fran? Well, if you did, WAY TO GO(!!!), if not, you need to do it. “Why?” you ask? Because at some point Fran will come up again. How are you going to measure your improvement if you didn’t record it down? Take a look at the Leader Board next time you come in to the gym. You will see many CrossFit Benchmark WODs. You do need to perform the WOD as prescribed in order to gain a place on the board, but recording your own data is PROOF of improvement. Fran is one of those benchmark WODs that people love to hate, what did you think of it?

WOD: Monday


  • 21-15-9
  • Thrusters & Pullups

Oh The Clock!

We used to have stopwatches, the coaches carried them around as if the world was ruled by them. Then came the big ominous RED Clock-Gone-Bad! Now you see your time increasing on the wall in real time and you are doing everything you can to move faster or make it go slower, & no luck with the latter. But what if the clock wasn’t there? Would you push just as hard. Do you only validate your success by the time on the clock? CrossFit get’s a lot of flack because we are a bunch of work out junkies who is only concerned with our “FRAN” time. Time isn’t the only measure of success in CrossFit. The most important facet of CrossFit is form, function & efficiency. So before looking at the time on the clock to see if you are getting better, look at how your form is improving. Are you reaching full depth in the squat, is your chest to deck on push ups. Use the clock as a tool but remember that for long term goals it shouldn’t be your primary measure for success. With that being said, I still need to congratulate everyone’s performance in yesterday’s “Baseline” WOD times. Everyone finished with spectacular form and the movements were much stronger, and the plus…everyone finished under 6 min! Awesome work!

WOD: Thursday

WU: 3 rounds

  • 20 mountain climbers
  • 15 pushups
  • 10 burpees
  • 5 squats

WOD: 7 rounds

  • 7 HSPUs
  • 7 1 legged burpees
  • III: rx
  • II: box HSPU
  • I: box HSPU, mod burpees

CrossFit & Your Sport

So it looks like I’ve been slacking on the website posted the last few days! I was in Sun Valley, ID slumming it with the celebs. No not really there are no celebs there this time of year. I went for the PSIA Spring Symposium to get credits to keep my ski instructor cert. Since I have moved to the Tri-cities I have skied just a handful of times. While skiing is a skill intensive sport it also require a lot of core strength and stability as well as stamina. As you fatigue on the hill your ability to stay in control diminishes. CrossFit has put me in the best shape of my life and allowed me to keep up a high level of skiing without being able to spend as much time on the hill as I would like. What sport has CrossFit help you to maintain or get better in?

Thursday’s WOD:

  • 3 rounds: run like the wind!!
    • 400m Run
      • 2min rest
    • 800m Run
      • 4min rest
  • Max effort/time plank holds x 3 rounds

Friday’s WOD: “FRAN”

  • 21-15-9
    • Thrusters
    • Pull-Ups
  • Level III – 95/65
  • Level II – 75/45 – band pullups
  • Level I – 45/35 – band pullups