FallOut CrossFit – School of Elite Fitness Tri-cities, WA

Happy Halloween

Another year has gone by and again the holiday that makes gives me the heebby geebies. Not just because it’s Halloween but because of all the sugar! That’s the really scary stuff! But gone are the days where you could eat the next door neighbors home made health bars, haha. Have a great weekend everyone with your kids and enjoy the costume parties. Don’t waste all that training on candy bars!

WOD: Friday

WU: 2k row


  • 3 Minutes Max Box Jump
    • 1 Minute Rest
  • 3 Minutes Pull-ups
    • 1 Minute Rest
  • 3 Minutes Thrusters
  • Level III – 24″/20″, pullups, 115/85
  • Level II – 20″ band pullups, 95/65
  • Level I – 20″, band pullups, 45/35

Score = Total reps for all 3 exercises

Don’t forget the Halloween WOD on Saturday! @ 9am

Wear your best costume and come ready to get it all sweaty! Work hard but not has hard as he did below!

Fitness Evolving

Think back to the 70s, what did gym look like back then? How about the 80s? More spandex! What does a gym look like today? Is fitness really evolving? There is a small part of the population that is actually trying too evolve fitness. CrossFit gyms are a part of that. To date I believe there are now over 2000 affiliate gyms worldwide! That’s amazing! Considering the 1st affiliate opened in 1995. Gyms have been transformed into wifi hotspots and low impact machines with 200+ channels for your viewing pleasure. I like this commercial, mainly because of the song. As a Paleo buff wouldn’t recommend the G-series, lets not lose sight of the point though. Listen to the words, “If you want a revolution, the only solution, evolve.” Crossfit is helping to lead this evolution in fitness. But maybe CrossFit isn’t evolving fitness, but rather we are “de-evolving” fitness. Is that even a word? CrossFit is taking it back to the basics with the knowledge that we have gained in the physiology of fitness. We don’t need fancy machines or sophisticated treadmills, that calculate calories lost, to make us feel better about our lunch. We are smarter today about the methodology of fitness and how reach our potential. We have always had the tools needed to excel, way before stair steppers and ellipticals. Come be part of the evolution!



WOD: Thursday


WU: Long jump up to street & back

WOD: 3 rounds

  • 15 Deadlift
  • 21 Kettle Bell Swing
  • 400x Meter Run
  • III: 225/155 & 70/53
  • II: 185/115 & 53/35
  • I: <135/95 & 35/20