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Quitting Not An Option

Quitting is not an option at FOCF. The workout is going to be hard, and it will be hard while you are doing it, and you’ll want to quit, but you can not! Nothing ever worth attaining ever comes easy. It takes determination and commitment to complete these workouts and a mindset that must be attained before starting the workout. “I will finish!” You don’t have to be first you just have to finish. Quitting is a representation of your attitude towards your goals. If you want to quit in the middle of a workout, ask yourself why? It’s an easy enough answer, you’re tired and probably sore. Guess what? So is the person next to you doing the workout, and the other million CrossFitters around the world completing their WODs everyday. You can & will finish your workout everytime, the real question when you want to quit should be, “How bad do you want to reach your goals?”. Its especially rewarding when you reach the finish both mentally and physically. And that’s the best part of it all. Quitting is NOT an option. Have you ever quit a WOD? What is it that keeps you going during an exceptionally difficult workout? Post your experiences and thoughts to comments.

WOD: Friday

  • Burpee Madness!!
    • On the min every min complete number of burpees. If you can not complete set in the min, you MUST finish them in the next min! But you can NOT move on to the next set you MUST wait until the next min
  • Minute:
    1. 10
    2. 20
    3. 5
    4. 11
    5. 2
    6. 18
    7. 6
    8. 15
    9. 4
    10. 18
    11. 17
    12. 3
    13. 13
    14. 9
    15. 12
    16. 14
    17. 16
    18. 7
    19. 19
    20. 1


Jackie Challenge FINALS are on Monday 2/28!

Check out your times from the Baseline

Murph Finals

Awesome turn out everyone! I’m sorry that we didn’t have Jenn her for the body fat test results, but I will look into this and see if we can get her back in here soon for them. Congratulations to the most improved winners for both male and female, Zach & Erica. Your dedication and hard work has really paid off and the proof is in the pudding (paleo type if you so prefer)! Jesse had the best time for those who did the baseline & Joey had the best time yesterday. We have a visitor in the gym this month, Amanda, who completed III in 44:07. Amazing work from all the ladies keep up all the hard work! You all will be doing level III WODs in time, 🙂 Thanks for making this the best gym in the Tri-cities. You guys are all inspirations to your family, friends, coach, and other members! Thanks for giving it your all everyday. Be ready for the next challenge coming up in September!