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Lipo-Suction vs Hard Work

Why workout when you can just suck out the fat. Downside is though when you suck out the fat, you still don’t have any muscle and therefor still won’t look in shape. But today it is all about the now and the quick and the EASY! Recent research has shown that people who do get “sucked” will regain the fat in a new area. So the body finds its equilibrium again, the only way to change your body composition is to change your habits. Check out the article from our friends at The Human Lab & The Metabolic Gastronomer.

“1. Exercise routinely, whether it be with variable intensity workouts, yoga or playing around.
2. Eat your veggies. Until you’ve come to the point where you eat more veggies than fruit and you’ve discovered how to make broccolini taste like candy, you haven’t eating enough veggies.
3. Forget the starch. Remember how we were taught that a balanced meal contains a protein, a starch, a gravy and a little pile of veggies? Well forget that and get after your veggies (potatoes and corn are not nutritious enough to be considered REAL veggies).
4. Enjoy variety. Don’t deny yourself the opportunity of enjoying international flavors. For example the Asian cultures have mastered the art of cooking delicious vegetables as have Texans with meat. Go out and learn the tastes of new foods. Before you know it a box of cereal will become completely foreign to you.”

WOD: Thursday

Jump Squat 30/20/10
Mountain Climber (each side =1) 10/20/30

5 rounds for time
4 walking lunges
7 dumbbell cleans
4 walking lunges
7 dumbbell front squats
4 walking lunges
7 dumbbell push presses
4 walking lunges
7 dumbbell split jerks
DB in each hand
III: 35/20 II: 20/12.5 I:12.5/7.5

WOD: Friday

death by 10 meters for 12 min
10 meters on the min. Every minute, add 10 meters.  Set up 2 cones 10 meters a part, and add one return trip each minute on the minute… Either way, you are to add 10 meters each round until you can no longer continue.

rest until recovered then

100 Double Unders (II: 3x SU I: 2x SU)
800m Run (I: 400m)
1,000m Row
800m Run
100 Double Unders
10 Muscle ups or 30 Pullups & 30 Dips (negative or box)

Warrior Dash Anyone?


We are going to try and get a group together to head over to do the Warrior Dash in North Bend July 16th & 17th & Oregon on September 10th & 11th. This is why you train for CrossFit, maybe not everyone. But what doesn’t look fun about this!? Check out the link and look for the board to sign up in the gym. This is a 5k trail run with 10 obstacle from mud pit, fire run, to cargo climb. Work as a group to complete the journey. The larger the FOCF group we can get the better. Maybe we can design cool costumes or t-shirts to make sure we stand out! Should be a heck of a time!




WU: “Baseline’s Cousin” 400m run, 40 squats, 30 situps, 20 push ups, 10 burpees

WOD: “Christine” – 3 Rounds for time:

  • 500 Meter Row
  • 12 Bodyweight Deadlifts
  • 21 Box Jumps
    • III: BW 24/22
    • II: 75% 22/20
    • I:50% 20 step ups ok


WU: 75 KBS

WOD: 3 rounds

  • 12 Thrusters
  • 21 Pullups
    • III: 95/65
    • II: 65/45
    • I: 35/18

No taking a day off this week!

No body gets a rest day this week! Only open until Wednesday…make sure to get your days in before it’s too late.

If you have scores to put on the board – bring in your times so we can get them posted up!

WOD: 15min AMRAP

Level III: 15 Front squats 135/85 & 10 KTE

Level II: 15 Front squats 95/55 & 10 KTE

Level I: 15 Front squats 55/35 & 10 Knees to chest

Do you DREAD the Gym?!

Do you remember a time when the gym was something of a chore? Something that you had to do before you called it a day. I would imagine if I asked my members this question they wouldn’t be able to tell you a time they felt like that here. I used to feel that way before I found CrossFit. And now I come to the gym ready to encourage and inspire people to perform tasks that they would normally think of themselves doing. And this is why I love coaching. Sure there are days when you’ld be freaked out about the workout and there are days when you may not feel up to working out, but it’s wont be because you hate working out. CrossFit is FUN!
This is because there is alway an element of challenge, accomplishment, camaraderie, surprise, in our workouts sometime they are even daring, you will always leave better then you were coming in. Did anyone ever think that working out could be so much fun?

WOD: 3-3-3 Power Cleans

Whom ever was in charge of the camera yesterday could use a photography class. Sorry no photos today! But Welcome Melanie, Deana, & Michele to the gym. I will get some pics of you very soon to show off to your friends…

American Diabetes Month

This month is American Diabetes Month. A month dedicated to the prevention and management of Diabetes. Close to 24 million people have Diabetes in this country and 57 million are at risk. 57 Million PEOPLE! This astounds me! Total annual cost of diabetes in this country (2007) was $218 BILLION, most of it which could have been completely avoided. It has gotten so bad in this country that it is almost an accepted part of culture that you are going to get diabetes if you live long enough. I see this day in and day out at my job as a pharmacist. People are told they are “pre-diabetic” and that they need to change the way they are eating and exercising and they’ll look me square in the face and say “it’s too hard, so I guess I’m going to be a diabetic”. As if it’s not hard to test your blood 6 times a day and give insulin shots to yourself on a sliding scale based on your carb intake. Yeah that sounds easier! More money needs to go into informing young people about the benefit of eating healthy and exercising, & not what most people think as healthy. Low fat, high carb diets high in fiber are just the types of diets that lead to diabetes. High protein low carb and the right types of fats and avoiding grains is what will help this country turn around it’s trend in diabetes. Come to FallOut CrossFit and don’t get Diabetes 🙂