FallOut CrossFit – School of Elite Fitness Tri-cities, WA

Embrace the Pain

Ever look at someone’s time and wonder, “How in the world did he/she do that WOD so fast?” No, that person does not have some superhuman ability, but rather he/she has self-imposed an expectation that is beyond rational. Successful CrossFitters live on the edge; they have the ability to push all thoughts aside and cross over into a world of pain that the individual actually embraces!

The reality, however, is that the human mind looks for ways to do the exercise in the easiest way possible. Basically, as Jon Gilson points out in his article, ‘Dedication,’ “We want the reward (speed) without the pain (sacrifice).” That may include stopping the squat above parallel, getting the chin up to, but not quite over the bar in a pull-up, or bouncing the weights off the floor in a deadlift.

The only way to become great is to suffer through the pain. Focus on technique. Spend time at the beginning of class with a PVC going through the movements correctly. Ask your coaches what you can do to improve. Do not “just go through the motions” cutting corners when you can to be the first one done with the WOD. Gilson points out, “You’ve got to embrace the pain, push the threshold, and feel the suck, and then you’ve got to muster the courage to go back…”

Jon Gilson, ‘Dedication,’ http://www.againfaster.com/articles/from-the-archives-dedication.html

– Tammy Smith

WOD: Wednesday

WU: Row 500m and double under practice!


  • 21-15-9
    • Ring Dips
    • Box Jumps
    • Overhead Walking Lunges
  • III: M- Ring dips W – Dips, 24/22, 45/25
  • II: M- Dips W- Asst Dips, 22/20, 25/15
  • I: M – Asst dips W – box dips, 20, 15/7.5

Heavy Grace

Great work today every one, this is not a easy workout and definitely pushes everyone’s limits. Their is a lot of technique in the Clean and Jerk, some good raw strength is also a plus. The clean and jerk is a difficult movement, there is a lot going on with this lift and not one that the typical personal will dominate their first effort. This lift will take time to get good at, and even the best at it constantly work to get better. And that’s what we do here, you may never be the best C&J lifter but you will get better and be the best you can be. Take a listen to Sage Burgener as she talks about some of the points to keep in mind during the Clean and Jerk, and don’t do what the guy in the second video does, poor guy!


WOD: Heavy Grace

  • 30 Clean and Jerks for Time
    • Level III: 155/115
    • Level II: 135/95
    • Level I: <115/75