FallOut CrossFit – School of Elite Fitness Tri-cities, WA

We’re reopening – here’s how we’re keeping you safe!

As you may know, our business has been allowed to re-open. We will be opening our business on Thursday, September 17thWe are thrilled to have you back in the gym and thank you for supporting local business! We are following the state of Washington requirements to keep our athletes and coaches safe.

How we are reopening

  • All athletes are to wear face coverings when inside, except while engaged in strenuous exercise. This includes immediately before and after exercise.
  • All athletes will wash their hands or use provided hand sanitizer upon entrance to the facility and prior to entering the training floor.
  • Maintain a six-foot separation between other athletes and coaches, when possible.
  • Each athlete is required to have 300 square feet to exercise. The floor has been marked by tape to designate individual athlete space. Athletes must place all equipment, when practical, within the square. This also includes personal belongings (bags, water bottle, etc.) – what you bring to the gym stays with you and leaves with you.
  • Equipment must be sanitized immediately after each use.
  • Bring your own – water (the water dispenser is closed) and chalk (to reduce shared items)
  • Athletes must complete a COVID-19 waiver of participation. Waivers are available upon arrival or for a contactless option, you may print and complete the waiver attached to this email.

How to reserve your class

  • All athletes must reserve online. If you are not checked in online, there is no entry to the gym. Check in using the Mindbody portal. All athletes have logins that have been sent via email if you had not previously set up your account. Do not create a new account.


  • Classes have a 5 athlete limit, not including the coach.
  • All classes are CrossFit classes at this time, no Olympic lifting class as we reopen
  • Saturday morning classes are standard classes, not free group classes, in response to the limited class size

Arriving and leaving

  • Arrive through the front doors and leave through the back doors. This is to reduce cross contact with others arriving for the next class.

We look forward to seeing you!