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Is there a method behind the madness?

Preparing you for the “unknown and the unknowable.” That is what CrossFit prepares you for in life. We are training you to perform well at tasks, even those unfamiliar ones, but how do we get you there? CrossFit’s model of programming allows for wide variance of mode, exercise, metabolic pathways, rest, intensity, set, and reps. The structure of a WOD may focus on a single modality or in combination with others, consisting of: Monostructural metabolic conditioning (many people refer to this as “cardio”), Gymnastics (any bodyweight exercises and body control movements), and lastly, Weightlifting/Powerlifting/and Olympic Lifting. Some days you may find yourself doing a Monostructural metabolic conditioning (aka Met-con) only WOD such as running a 5 K. Another day you may find yourself doing air squats (Gymnastics component) and kettle bell swings (weightlifting component). The possibilities are endless, but there is a purpose each and every time a WOD is programmed and variance from the defined WOD may lead to deficits in your fitness.

Tuesday’s WOD was a strength building day focusing on semi-heavy deadlifts. We saw lots of weights being thrown around and tons of new personal bests. Way to go! So exciting to see people reach limits they never dreamed as possible!

WOD: Deadlifts 3-3-3-3-3


Week 2 Attendance Results


We are now through 2 weeks! Congrats to the remaining FallOut CrossFit students who continue to make fitness, consistency, and school spirit a priority as we continue through the month. A few unfortunately fell off the board this week, but it’s exciting seeing everybody in the gym more and more! It’s only making you stronger, faster, better! Just 2 more weeks to go!  Awesome work to those people who are pushing the envelope & made extra workouts for the week!! Keep up the hard work!


Basic Members Visits
Athlete Week 1 Week 2
Field, David 1 1
Johnson, Josiah 1 1
Owings, Ed 2 2
Ortiz, Criselda 3 2
Ortiz, Yesenia 3 2
Richards, Dolly 1 1

Field, Grace 1 1
Lucas, Debbie 1 1
Lucas, Chris 1 1
Bronze Members Visits
Athlete Week 1 Week 2
Antolick, Kate 2 2
Macdonald, Kyle 2 2
Lovell, Brianne 2 3
Ecclestone, Jennifer 4 4
Dennison, Sara 2 2
Locke, Sissy 2 2
Idler, Ken 2 2
Runge, Carrie 2 2
Knox, Jennifer 2 3
Wilson, Janet 5 5
Taber, Susan 4 3
Hargroves, Stephanie 4 5
Owings, Deanne 2 3
Gardner, Penny 2 2
Clontz, Erica 2 2
Moody, Stacey 3 3
Gaumer, Katie 3 2
Ollero, Jennifer 3 3
Moody, Don 2 2
Ollero, Riley 2 2
Silver Members Visits
Athlete Week 1 Week 2
Larson, Dana 3 4
Idler, Audrey 3 3
Barclay, Chad 3 4
Krone, Jason 4 4
Reeves, Kelly 4 4
Gold Members Visits
Athlete Week 1 Week 2
Showalter, Mary Ann 4 5
Jensen, Jesse 4 5
Krone, Jo 5 5


Saturday 8/7/11

  • Muscle snatch – 40% (of snatch) x 3 x 2
  • Power clean + clean – 60% (of clean) x 2 + 1 x 3

“You would do 2 power cleans and a clean consecutively for each set using 60% of your clean.”

  • Power jerk + split jerk – 60% (of jerk) x 2 + 1 x 3

Muscle snatch: The muscle snatch mimics the upper body movement during the third pull of the snatch. Perform a snatch without squatting to receive the bar: continue pulling the bar overhead, finishing in a standing position. The final movement does involve a push up on the bar. The lift is legitimate as long as the elbows never drop from their elevated position before pressing up.

4 rounds:
10 m shuttle run x 4
10 KB swing



Today starts our 1st official Olympic lifting specific classes. Want to become a better CrossFitter? Become a better at your Oly Lifts! Develop strength and speed and that will give you POWER! CrossFit’s goal is to IWCABTMD (increase work capacity across broad time and modal domains). This mean increase the work you can do in a give amount of time in activities that last seconds to events that last hours. Olympic lifters have been shown to high some of the highest VO2 max levels of athletes and are extremely flexible! Foot work, positions, then intensity & maybe a little JYD to keep it interesting! Remember you have 3 attempts during the week to make it to an Olympic Lifting & Strength class, Wednesday 5:30pm & 6:30pm and also Saturday at 10am. Be ready to lift heavy and set PRs!

WOD: Tueday

  • 1mile run + 30 burpees
  • 3 rounds
  • 4 Muscle-ups or 12 chest to bar pullups
  • Thruster, 8 reps 135/105 115/75 <95/55

WOD: Wednesday

CFE: 3 rounds max effort dips
Run 2-6 x 200m, rest 1:00, hold within 2-3 seconds, then 2-6 x 400m, rest 1:30, hold within 3-5 seconds


  • Back squat – 75% x 5 x 5
  • Clean deadlift – 90% (of clean) x 5 x 3
  • Push press – 70% x 5 x 5
  • Jerk dip squat – 90% (of jerk) x 5 x 3

Explanation of notations:

Loading/Set/Rep Prescriptions:

Weightlifting prescriptions will be notated with the exercise, the intensity (loading), reps and sets.

For example:

Snatch – 75% x 2 x 5

This would indicate snatching 75% of the athlete’s 1RM snatch weight for 5 sets of 2 reps. If a load is not specified, notation for sets and reps will be in the reverse order. For example:

Pull-ups – 5 x 10

This would indicate 5 sets of 10 reps.