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Unself Yourself


by Scott Zagarino

I’ve had the privilege of being present to a more than average share of people’s last few moments in this “mortal coil” and it never ceases to amaze me, at the time someone knows that each breath could be their last, how similar the moments that mattered were.

Almost universally the things that mattered most, the things that either brought a small smile of satisfaction, or a tear of regret, were small things that most of us take completely for granted when we’re alone with our daydreams. A child’s laugh on a summer vacation. A hug from a spouse at just the moment a hug seemed out of the question, the smallest things. Most of all, those last moments have been reserved for the savoring of the times when all of the chattering in their head about what they “needed,” was forgotten and replaced by those memories of what they’d given back.

As athletes, and I prefer to use that descriptor in the broadest sense that defines anyone who accepts a physical challenge and sees it through to the end, we all have just the kind of gift that we/I tend to hoard, as if this workout or that competition is the last one we’ll ever have. We tend to view those less fortunate in the physical world as signposts to spur us into a brief appreciation of our gifts, rather than as a note to the soul to serve rather than to seek even greater glory.

As the founder of the Fight Gone Bad event, I have witnessed countless episodes of the transformation of CrossFitters who start out the day all about scores and totals, and end the day teary-eyed for the realization of the fact that for one shining moment they had made a difference in the lives of a soldier, a family, or a child that they would never meet.

With that, I’ve come to appreciate my own moments. Not the ones I ever thought would mark my brief stay on the planet earth, but the unexpected ones when I was able to get out of my own way long enough to change a few minutes in someone else’s history for the better.

As it turns out, my gift to our community is just as unexpected. While Greta Rose and I worked insane hours those first years, and not much has changed in that regard, we thought we were working for the good of our beneficiaries. As it turns out, my own small smile when the lights are just about out will almost certainly be for our small part in providing the stage that Fight Gone Bad has become for CrossFitters all over the world to unself themselves, and maybe to give a few more of us the right to a smile at the end, rather than a tear for what we could have done.

I hope you’ll join us this year on September 17th.


Week 2 Attendance Results


We are now through 2 weeks! Congrats to the remaining FallOut CrossFit students who continue to make fitness, consistency, and school spirit a priority as we continue through the month. A few unfortunately fell off the board this week, but it’s exciting seeing everybody in the gym more and more! It’s only making you stronger, faster, better! Just 2 more weeks to go!  Awesome work to those people who are pushing the envelope & made extra workouts for the week!! Keep up the hard work!


Basic Members Visits
Athlete Week 1 Week 2
Field, David 1 1
Johnson, Josiah 1 1
Owings, Ed 2 2
Ortiz, Criselda 3 2
Ortiz, Yesenia 3 2
Richards, Dolly 1 1

Field, Grace 1 1
Lucas, Debbie 1 1
Lucas, Chris 1 1
Bronze Members Visits
Athlete Week 1 Week 2
Antolick, Kate 2 2
Macdonald, Kyle 2 2
Lovell, Brianne 2 3
Ecclestone, Jennifer 4 4
Dennison, Sara 2 2
Locke, Sissy 2 2
Idler, Ken 2 2
Runge, Carrie 2 2
Knox, Jennifer 2 3
Wilson, Janet 5 5
Taber, Susan 4 3
Hargroves, Stephanie 4 5
Owings, Deanne 2 3
Gardner, Penny 2 2
Clontz, Erica 2 2
Moody, Stacey 3 3
Gaumer, Katie 3 2
Ollero, Jennifer 3 3
Moody, Don 2 2
Ollero, Riley 2 2
Silver Members Visits
Athlete Week 1 Week 2
Larson, Dana 3 4
Idler, Audrey 3 3
Barclay, Chad 3 4
Krone, Jason 4 4
Reeves, Kelly 4 4
Gold Members Visits
Athlete Week 1 Week 2
Showalter, Mary Ann 4 5
Jensen, Jesse 4 5
Krone, Jo 5 5

More Than Just Weights

If you don’t know this story from the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, you should learn the story of Matthias Steiner. He started lifting in 1995 and comes from a family of great lifters. Diagnosed with diabetes that was onset by a untreated infection he still pursued his dream of weightlifting. In 2004 a German woman had watched Steiner participating in weightlifting contests on TV. She kept asking the Eurosport commentators for his email address, until they gave it to her. She contacted Steiner, and he agreed to meet her in Lower Austria. They married shortly thereafter and hence he moved to Germany, where he then applied for German citizenship. On July 16, 2007 his wife Susann died in a car accident. Despite the tragic loss, and after he was able to continue his training. During the Olympic competition, Steiner failed in his third snatch attempt, and with 203 kg ranked fourth after the snatch. Viktors Ščerbatihs, the favorite to win from Latvia, was in position to take the lead in the clean and jerk, but failed in his second attempt. Steiner also failed in his first clean and jerk attempt, and Russia’s Evgeny Chigishev took the lead with 250 kg in the clean and jerk. Ščerbatihs failed in his third attempt, which would have forced Steiner to increase his last attempt to 259 kg in order to win gold. He was successful with a clean and jerk of 258 kg, for a total of 461 kg combined between his Snatch & Clean & Jerk. Steiner became Olympic gold medalist and stood on the medalists’ podium and kissed a picture of his late wife Susann. Choking back tears over the promise he made to her that he would keep their Olympic dream, “She is always with me, in the hours before the competition, she’s there”. A truly inspiring story and for this man the medal was more than just a culmination of his training.




  • 3 rounds of “Tosh” (200m, 400m, 600m) Work:Rest of 1 to 1. It takes you 45 sec to run 200m, rest 45 seconds, then run 400m etc, repeat 1 round of Tosh 3 times.

Olympic Lifting:

  • Front squat – 75% x 4 x 5
  • Snatch pull – 85% (of snatch) x 3 x 4
  • Jerk – 70% x 3 x 2; 75% x 2 x 2; 80% x 2 x 2

Snatch pull: This is the first and second pulls of a snatch without any attempt to pull under the bar. At the top of the extension, the athlete should continue attempting to pull the bar higher, keeping the elbows moving up and to the sides to keep the bar against the body. With heavy pulls, this will not move the bar very high. With lighter weights, a snatch high-pull will occur. http://www.cathletics.com/exercises/exercise.php?exerciseID=97

3 sets; no rest:
15 kipping pull-ups
20 shoulder-to-shoulder sandbag push press – 25% BW

Shoulder-to-shoulder sandbag push press: grab middle of sand bag with both hands with the bag across one shoulder (front/back ends of bag in front/back of shoulder). Push press the bag up overhead to a fully extended elbow position and bring down to opposite shoulder. This constitutes 1 rep.

 Wednesday WOD:

  • 12min AMRAP
  • 40 double unders 3xSU 2xSU
  • 15 dumbbell thrusters 35/20 20/12.5 12.5/7.5

Fight Gone BAD

Last week was tragically marked with the single largest loss of life in US Special Forces history. As a helicopter was shot down in Afghanistan. All together 38 soldiers were lost and 22 were US Navy Seals. Fight Gone Bad this year helps to benefit 2 organizations whose missions are to help those individuals and families that are impacted during their military service. In the wake of recent events our goal becomes even more important and should be in the forefront of everyone’s mind as we strive for our goal of $3 million dollars. Ask anyone you can for a small donation, and tell them what it is for and why we are doing this. May they to will join the cause! The video below is for the Special Operations Warrior Foundation, please watch. If you haven’t signed up for FGB6 also do this by the end of the week! There will be penalty burpees associated with not signing up. You have until Friday!


Special Operations Warrior Foundation

WOD: Monday

  • Row 500 meters
  • 100 Double Unders
  • 15 Burpee box jumps 24/22 22/20 20 stepups
  • 400m sandbag carry


Week 1 Attendance Results

The results are in for the first week of the Attendance challenge.  Congrats to the 48 FallOut CrossFit students who have made fitness, consistency, and school spirit a priority for the last week. Listed below are all of those this commitment,  just 3 more weeks to go! If you are not listed below and think that you should be please let one of the coaches know and we’ll look into it for you.  Awesome work to Cris, Yessi, Janet, Susan, Jason, Kay, Ed, Stacey, Katie, Jenn O, & Stephanie who all made extra workouts for the week!! Keep up the hard work!

Basic Members

Athlete Visits
Daniels, Chris 1
Field, David 1
Miller, Lisa 1
Blodgett, Sherrie 1
Johnson, Josiah 1
Owings, Ed 2
Ortiz, Criselda 3
Ortiz, Yesenia 3
Cooper, Caleb 1
Richards, Dolly 1
Mamiya, Kay 2
Blodgett, Thomas 1
Huston, Tiffany 1
Field, Grace 1
Lucas, Debbie 1
Lucas, Chris 1
Winston, Courtney 1

Bronze Members

Athlete Visits
Antolick, Kate 2
Macdonald, Kyle 2
Lovell, Brianne 2
Ecclestone, Jennifer 2
Miles, Mason 2
Dennison, Sara 2
Locke, Sissy 2
Idler, Ken 2
Runge, Carrie 2
Knox, Jennifer 2
Wilson, Janet 5
Taber, Susan 4
Hargroves, Stephanie 4
Owings, Deanne 2
Gardner, Penny 2
Clontz, Erica 2
Moody, Stacey 3
Gaumer, Katie 3
Ollero, Jennifer 3
Moody, Don 2
Ollero, Riley 2
Camp, Emily 2
Kasza, Natalie 2

Silver Members

Athlete Visits
Larson, Dana 3
Bookwalter, John 3
Idler, Audrey 3
Barclay, Chad 3
Krone, Jason 4
Reeves, Kelly 4

Gold Members

Athlete Visits
Showalter, Mary Ann 4
Jensen, Jesse 4
Krone, Jo 5