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Success: The Achievement of Something Desired

Introducing a Paleo Diet Success Story


As we continue our focus on the Paleo lifestyle during our 8 week challenge, it is important to remember your purpose, your desire, your drive….what do you want your success to be? Improved athletic performance, reduced or eliminate your risk of diseases, including cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and the vast majority of all chronic degenerative diseases that affect humanity, permanently free yourself from acne, or simply enjoy a longer, healthier, more active life-the choice is yours, make it happen!

Here is Stephanie Cedeno’s amazing, and difficult at times, journey through life in her own words.

The Stephanie Cedeno Story

When I tell people that I am in better shape both physically and mentally at 30 then I was at 10, 15, and 21, people often look at me in disbelief. I was always the “chubby” kid that was medically excused from recess and never was a part of any sport, not even as a spectator.

A Dual Dose

I was born with scoliosis and Arnold-Chiari malformation, a rare genetic disorder in which parts of the brain are formed abnormally. I had corrective surgery at the tender, yet, very brave age of 13. Although the surgery prevented further nerve damage, some of the damage was already done. It left me with weakened shoulder and upper back muscles. But even worse it left me with a chronic pain that made my teens and 20s unbearable and downright miserable.

 Sunday Success Story: Stephanie Cedeno

Throughout my 20s, I lived like a zombie, a walking dead of sorts numbed by high doses of painkillers.   I took up to 3600 mg of a nerve pain medication, enough to knock down a horse. The medicines were designed for diabetic nerve pain and to control seizures in epileptic people.  My primary care physician told me once she was surprised I wasn’t slithering across the floor like a slug.

The medication slowed my system down to the point where I would fall asleep faster than any narcoleptic (many times at the wheel, yikes!) and my metabolism was not just slow, it was at a complete halt. That metabolism stall caused me to hit a record weight gain that made my back pain ten times worse, and my mental state of mind in perpetual negativity.

I would often wonder what quality of life I would have and had resolved within myself that this was the life I was destined to live. A life of pain and discomfort, a life of misery and discontent. I labeled myself a medical incompetent person who would never find relief.

Inadvertently, I had become plagued with a much more chronic disease, one more powerful than any physical illness, the disease of negative thinking.

A New Perspective

As I approached my 29th birthday, I begin to think about the life I was living. I wanted to be healthy feel alive. The pain medication stripped me of any sort of life, and I walked around numb and almost cathartic, as the pain continued.

Something within me began to awaken, or at least was trying to, but I wasn’t quite ready yet because I was still numb from the medication, and my thoughts were like poisoned daggers piercing away at any attempt to be positive.

I decided to wean myself off all the medication. It was not easy and the withdrawal symptoms, although I was told would not occur, were tough to handle. I was going through a detox, although the neurologist would never admit to it. I began to see some weight begin to drop off, but it was a difficult and arduous journey. That is until I began CrossFit.

CrossFit Ignition

Before I began CrossFit, I had dropped around 50 lbs. by reducing my carb intake and eating healthier, but my muscles were still weak, and I was very unfit, and I was still struggling with that chronic negative thinking that was keeping me from becoming active. When I was introduced to CrossFit Ignite in Westwood, New Jersey through my sister, I was immediately hooked.

It stopped being about weight loss for me and became a total life changing experience from that point on. The community, the love, the sweat, the fight, the battle we all partake together during each WOD began to transform my mind. I began to immerse myself into this whole new world, this new culture, this CrossFit. I was meeting amazing individuals from all walks of life that had one common goal, to live their healthiest and best life. Each time I would struggle to do a press or a kettlebell swing, I would hear them cheering “YOU CAN DO THIS!”. The community, the love, the sweat, the fight, the battle we all partake together during each WOD began to transform my mind.

The positive thinking began to push out all the garbage thinking that had festered and intoxicated my mind. From the moment I stepped into that CrossFit Garage, all I wanted to be was one of these CrossFitters, until I realized I already was.

I began CrossFit in April, and already I have seen a tremendous change in my body, but more importantly my mind. Remember that “chronic pain”? Well, the only pain I experience now is from the kettlebell bruises or Deadlift scratches on my shins. No more chronic pain!!!!!!

Living Proof

 Sunday Success Story: Stephanie Cedeno
I am living proof that if you honor your body it will honor you in return. Although certain exercises are challenging, they are far from impossible! My 6 month goals are to perform a kip and to hold a hand stand, and this, I will do because I have seen myself accomplish things through CrossFit that I never thought possible once.

Now, I believe that there are no limits to what our bodies can do. I was given limitations as a child, teen, and young adult because of a medical condition and I labeled myself just that and lived as just that, as a person with chronic pain, both physically and mentally.

Now, the only label I am proud to share with the world is “CROSSFITTER”.


Week 4 Attendance Report

It was the last full week of the attendance challenge! I hope that everyone took advantage of the unlimited week last week and was able to push them self in the last weeks of summer here. Woke up this morning and it was 20 degrees colder than just a couple days ago. Who’s ready for fall?! Congrats to everyone who have made it this far. You are an inspiration to all of us! Who made it to the end with out any absences?

Winners to be announced soon!


Basic Members Visits    
Athlete Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4
Field, David 1 1 1 1
Johnson, Josiah 1 1 1 1
Owings, Ed 2 2 2 3
Ortiz, Criselda 3 2 4 4
Ortiz, Yesenia 3 2 3 2
Field, Grace 1 1 1 1
Lucas, Debbie 1 1 2 2
Lucas, Chris 1 1 2 2
Bronze Members Visits    
Athlete Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4
Antolick, Kate 2 2 2 2
Lovell, Brianne 2 3 3 2
Locke, Sissy 2 2 2 3
Idler, Ken 2 2 2 3
Runge, Carrie 2 2 2 3
Wilson, Janet 5 5 2 5
Taber, Susan 4 3 3 3
Hargroves, Stephanie 4 5 3 6
Owings, Deanne 2 3 3 3
Gardner, Penny 2 2 3 3
Clontz, Erica 2 2 2 2
Moody, Stacey 3 3 3 2
Gaumer, Katie 3 2 2 3
Moody, Don 2 2 2 2
Silver Members Visits    
Athlete Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4
Larson, Dana 3 4 3 6
Idler, Audrey 3 3 3 4
Barclay, Chad 3 4 5 3
Krone, Jason 4 4 3 4
Reeves, Kelly 4 4 4 5
Gold Members Visits    
Athlete Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4
Showalter, Mary Ann 4 5 6 4
Jensen, Jesse 4 5 4 5
Krone, Jo 5 5 4 5

Camp Patriot BBQ Benefit / Fight Gone Bad 6

Details are finalized!

Fight Gone Bad 6 with FallOut CrossFit has a place a time and a whole lot more! This will be one of the biggest events that FallOut CrossFit will be a part of. Please come and join us, bring your family for a great summer BBQ as summer winds downs. 

The Soul of an Athlete Can Change The Game; The Heart of an Athlete Can Change The World.

On Saturday, September 17, more than 8,000 CrossFit athletes in nearly 1,000 locations around the world, including members from FallOut CrossFit will do a grueling 17-minute workout for charity, known as Fight Gone Bad. PLEASE DO YOUR PART IN FUNDRAISING!!! In addition to supporting Camp Patriot and ISR/CrossFit Kids FGB6 will also be dedicated to raising money for the Special Operations Warriors Foundation to fully fund the college scholarships of the 21 children who lost their dads on August 6, when thirty US troops, most of whom were special forces, were killed, when a Taliban rocket downed their helicopter in east Afghanistan.

Why:    Scott Zagarino, founder of the Fight Gone Bad charity event, answers this question easily, “These men gave us all they had. The least we can do is give them the comfort of knowing their children will be taken care of.  We’ll make sure they get the education each of these men would have wanted for his children, as our way of giving thanks.” Additionally funds raise will help support Camp Patriot ( a local organization) in getting wounded veterans outdoors and doing activities that they may think are no longer available to them & showing soldiers that still anything is possible. Also benefiting is ISR/CrossFit Kids who are helping to keep our kids safe.

When:    Saturday, September 17, 2011 / 2pm to 5pm

Where: Ranch & Home Parking Lot

Price: $15 for entry ($150 raised to participate in workout)

Includes: Jackson’s in Richland will be providing Pulled pork sandwich w/sides & soda,

  • Beer and Wine will be for sale – hosted by the Pasco Eagle’s Lodge #2241

Entertainment: Everyone working out & 3rd Date

  • Possible something for the kids (face painting, etc)

To Register:      Go to fgb6.org and click on REGISTER no later than September 14, 2011. Login or create a new account.  Then choose FallOut CrossFit and create your personal fundraising page.  Each participant must register and agree to the waiver.
Fight Gone Bad:     Sportsgrants first launched the Fight Gone Bad fundraiser six years ago to raise money for a variety of important causes during one day’s dedicated workout.  Individuals or teams of individuals perform the rigorous, 17-minute “Fight Gone Bad” CrossFit workout. FallOut CrossFit joined the global fundraising effort 3 years ago.  The precise workout scores individuals based on the following:

  • 5 Rounds (1 min rest between rounds) 1 min @ each station
    • Wall-ball:  20-pound ball, 10 foot target (reps)
    • Sumo deadlift high-pull:  75 pounds (reps)
    • Box Jump:  20” box (reps)
    • Push-Press:  75 pounds (reps)
    • Row: calories (calories)

We will be having 3 divisions to allow everyone to participate

The Three divisions are:

  1. Class A: Standard Men = 75lb push-press and sumo deadlift high pull, 20lb wall- ball and 20 inch box jump
  2. Class B: Modified Men/Standard Women = 55lb push-press and sumo deadlift high pull, 14lb wall-ball and 20 inch box Jump
  3. Class C: Intermediate = 35lb push-press and sumo deadlift high pull, 10lb wall-ball and 20 inch box Jump (step ups are okay)

If you are new to CrossFit or this is your 1st time: Highly recommend signing up for Class C.

CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP FOR YOUR HEAT if you are participating in workout

Sportsgrants’ Fight Gone Bad Background:  Last year, more than 7,000 CrossFit athletes from around the world participated at CrossFit affiliates, including FallOut CrossFit who was a top 100 fundraiser, raising more than $1.5 million in a 24-hour period.

“Fight Gone Bad captures the CrossFitter’s passionate commitment to personal fitness and strength and – for just one day – utilizes this passion to raise money for causes that address immediate needs in our country”. “The last 5 years have proven what we can do as a community, doubling our results each year, and we are proud to be part of this year’s mission to take care of these kids and veterans.”

Event Sponsored by:






by Scott Zagarino

Marble starts out as a chunk of stone rooted in the ground that resists removal from its station mightily. It takes brute force to uproot it from its place. Then as an ugly, stubborn chunk it has to be moved by heavy equipment to a place to be cut, shaped and polished until what was once an ugly piece of the earth becomes a beautiful, hard surface brought into service as a floor or a kitchen counter.

There is one more purpose it serves that rises far above the mundane household uses. What was once of the earth becomes of the spirit when it marks a life no longer lived. Most times it marks the cradle to grave passing of a person of the everyday accomplishment of a father, son, brother, sister or friend.

But occasionally there is a rock dug from the earth meant to mark an extraordinary and heroic life. Not long ago I stood before just that special piece of marble on a small piece of ground off the beaten path at the Special Operations Warrior memorial wall in Florida. As I walked from the parking lot and caught my first glance of the yards of cool black marble inscribed to honor and memorialize men and women who had given the most precious thing given to all of us, their lives, I began to feel. It was a feeling of appreciation that any words I write here could not begin to describe.

The black, veined rock had come to a confluence of rest with the souls of people who walk among us but not with us. There was one name I searched for because I knew at least a part of the story that caused the marble slab to bear his name. After walking around the memorial feeling more and more a mixture of sadness, appreciation and a kind of awe took over that I may have felt sometime before, but couldn’t remember when.

Then as if I had always been meant to stand in that place, I found myself standing in front of a small, square piece of black marble with the carefully carved inscription, “Lt Michael P Murphy.” I disappeared into a sobbing, shattered shadow of the person I had been when I’d woken in my hotel that morning. What was left of Lt Murphy was not a piece of rock, it was a reminder of the heights each of us are capable of rising to from one singular motivation. A motivation I, and most of us, rarely recognize, acknowledge or ever have the chance to act on. A motivation that is the very quality we each squander daily as we race through our lives of never enough. A motivation that makes everything else in the world pale and disappear into the background. The motivation wrought by our total and complete love for our brothers and sisters.

For Michael Murphy, that meant making the choice to stand up, as bullets flew through and by him, pick up a satellite phone and make a phone call that I am sure he knew would be the last act of this life. That phone call was a plea for anyone on the other end to please come to the rescue of his brothers who were being torn apart by enemy fire that there was no escape from. And then Lt Michael Murphy was gone.

But I met Michael Murphy. I met him on a wall sitting in a patch of grass in a small field in Florida. I met him, because that piece of marble that had been so stubborn and rugged would forever stand in that place to remind me, and anyone who stands before it, we all have a chance to rise. We all have a chance to give and serve something precious to us to someone and something bigger than ourselves.

Before I left that place, I rubbed my hand across that cold, dark slab and made a vow to Lt Murphy. Writing this now it may sound insignificant given what he’d given me, but I promised him that as long as there was a Fight Gone Bad I would do everything I could to make sure he was not forgotten, and that as many people as I could reach would not forget him either. At least for seventeen minutes once a year.

On September 17th, every one of us has a chance to rise above ourselves, throw some money in the hat for the people we can help, and say thank you to Lt. Michael Murphy for reminding us who we can be. He gave us the chance to be heroic in our own way.

Let us not, in the words of Theodore Roosevelt, “….be with those cold and timid souls who knew neither victory nor defeat.”

Lt. Murphy will never stand or lie in that place.

I hope you’ll join us this year on September 17th.


Week 3 Attendance Results

Just one more week to go for the Perfect Attendance Challenge! Congrats to everyone who have made it this far. Thank you for setting a great example for all others. An extra congrats to all those who attended extra classes this past week. Remember that next week is the unlimited attendance week. So get them while you can, extra classes won’t cost you a thing this week. Like the extra load, want to upgrade? Let one of the coaches know! Who will make it all the way to the end?


Basic Members Visits
Athlete Week 1 Week 2 Week 3
Field, David 1 1 1
Johnson, Josiah 1 1 1
Owings, Ed 2 2 2
Ortiz, Criselda 3 2 4
Ortiz, Yesenia 3 2 3
Field, Grace 1 1 1
Lucas, Debbie 1 1 2
Lucas, Chris 1 1 2
Bronze Members Visits
Athlete Week 1 Week 2 Week 3
Antolick, Kate 2 2 2
Lovell, Brianne 2 3 3
Ecclestone, Jennifer 4 4 4
Dennison, Sara 2 2 2
Locke, Sissy 2 2 2
Idler, Ken 2 2 2
Runge, Carrie 2 2 2
Wilson, Janet 5 5 2
Taber, Susan 4 3 3
Hargroves, Stephanie 4 5 3
Owings, Deanne 2 3 3
Gardner, Penny 2 2 3
Clontz, Erica 2 2 2
Moody, Stacey 3 3 3
Gaumer, Katie 3 2 2
Moody, Don 2 2 2
Silver Members Visits
Athlete Week 1 Week 2 Week 3
Larson, Dana 3 4 3
Idler, Audrey 3 3 3
Barclay, Chad 3 4 5
Krone, Jason 4 4 3
Reeves, Kelly 4 4 4
Gold Members Visits
Athlete Week 1 Week 2 Week 3
Showalter, Mary Ann 4 5 6
Jensen, Jesse 4 5 4
Krone, Jo 5 5 4