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Announcement Regarding COVID-19

Dear Fallout CrossFit members and family,

As we all know, the COVID-19 virus has the state of Washington in a state of panic and our Governor is trying to remedy the spread of this COVID-19 outbreak.  Even though we feel that we are in a safe location and environment here, are program and business currently sits in a category that requires conformity from Governor Inslee.  We have spoken with our lawyers and have been advised to comply.  From this moment on we are postponing all programs/classes pending further review.  We are going to evaluate the situation and safeguards on a daily basis and provide programming and services as soon as possible.  This is not something that we want to do and feel we are forced into this. Classes will start immediately as soon as we find it legally safe to do so. 

As of now, the rest of this month’s memberships will be compensated by being rolled to the end the contracts.  We hope to restart services by the end of the month and will be keeping you all informed as to what we can do. 

We will be working on daily online programming which you will be able to find on our website.  This will give you direction and coaching from us that you will be able to do from your own locations.  Remember that CrossFit is based around life skills and can be tailored to every individual needs and can be performed in almost any location with a little imagination.  If you have any specific needs or help in training away from the gym please feel free to contact us at contact@falloutcrossfit.com


Tim and Tammy Smith

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