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October 30, 2019

SKILL: Gymnastics push and core, every :60 x 10 sets
EVEN: 15 sec ring support hold + 5-8 ring dips
ODD: 15-25 sec L sit hold
WOD: 3 rounds for time,
100 m Farmer’s carry 
20 x alt leg pistols 
15 x pull ups 
10 x handstand push ups
STRENGTH: A) Clean and jerk, 10 rounds – Every 2 minutes, complete: 1 x clean and jerk (work up to a max for the day)
B) Push press: 55%x 5, 65%x 5, 75%x5 + superset band pull aparts after each set
CONDITIONING: 8:00 for AMRAP of DB c & j
400 m run 
50 x double unders 
AMRAP alt. single arm DB hang clean and jerk

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