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September 10, 2019

STRENGTH: Rotating EMOM for 12 minutes (6 sets of each) – You and your partner do this together. Athlete A does min 1 work and Athlete B does minute 2 work. Switch at the next minute.

Min 1: Athlete choice of pulling movement – 3 x ring muscle ups/3 x bar muscle ups/5 x strict pull ups/5 x strict ring rows

Min 2: 5 x Z-press w/barbell @ moderate weight

WOD: “Hang On We’ll Sync Up!” 

With an 8-minute Running Clock

Divide and Conquer Buy In
(This means you share the work, split it anyway you want, one athlete works at a time)

100 x Hanging Knees to Chest (toes above hips)/
100 x Hanging Knee Raises (knees above hips)

Kettlebell Escalating Synchro AMRAP
2-4-6-8-10 and so on of …
Synchro Alternating KB Shoulder To Overhead
Synchro Russian KB Swing
Synchro Goblet KB Squat

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