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March 14, 2019

WOD A: Festivus Games – Skip, Hop, and a Thrust
10 minute AMRAP,
1 x Box Jump to 1 x Thruster
2 x Box Jumps to 2 x Thrusters
3 x Box Jumps to 3 x Thrusters
35 DU -OR- 50 SU (Team choice, both must do the same, one athlete at a time)
4 x Box Jumps to 4 x Thrusters
5 x Box Jumps to 5 x Thrusters
6 x Box Jumps to 6 x Thrusters
35 DU -OR- 50 SU (Same style as round 1)
7 x Box Jumps to 7 x Thrusters
8 x Box Jumps to 8 x Thrusters
9 x Box Jumps to 9 x Thrusters
35 DU -OR- 50 SU (Same style as round 1)
Continue Adding Reps in This Pattern, With the DU/SU After Each Third Round, Until the Time Expires.
WOD B: For max reps with a partner, one person working at a time, 12 min,
10 x kettle bell swings
20 x kettle bell reverse lunges, athlete may hold KB any way 
30 x double unders 
Partners alternate exercises with their partner. Athlete must tag hand of partner to start his/her exercise.

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