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September 10, 2018

SKILL DEVELOPMENT: Handstand work (choose your level)
Beginner: Accumulate 2 min in a handstand or headstand,
Do 30 Upside-down KB Press (15 per arm), and 20 x HSPU from box

Intermediate: Do 10 Freestanding Handstand attempts, accumulate 1 min in a handstand (free or on wall), do 30 Upside-Down KB Press (15 per arm), 10 Strict HSPU, and 10 Kipping HSPU or attempts

Rx: Accumulate 150 ft of Handstand Walks or 3 min of practice (whichever comes first), do 30 x Upside-Down KB Press and 20 x Kipping HSPU. Spend any remaining time working on maintaining a perfect freestanding Handstand.

WOD: 3 rounds for time,

100 m Farmer’s carry 

5 x DB hang power cleans 

10 x box jumps 

5 x DB push ups to row 
10 x burpees

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