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July 31, 2018

WOD A: With a partner, 6-Minute Running Clock
Part 1: 6 Rounds Total 
10 x Shoulders-To-Overhead 
10 x Hanging Knees to chest / Novice knee raises
Alternate complete rounds.
Part 2: In remaining time, AMRAP of front squats (using same bar weight). One person works at a time.
Score 1: time to complete part 1
Score 2: total front squats

WOD B: With a partner, 14-minute running clock,
Complete 50 x thrusters total (use same weights as prior WOD), then AMRAP of,
10 x burpee over barbell
20 x hand release push ups 
30 x sit ups
One person works at a time. Break up reps as teams desire. Must complete thrusters prior to WOD.
Score 1: total rounds/reps (not counting thrusters)

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