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June 27, 2018

WOD A: Against a 3:00 running clock, work until you reach 150 sit ups (Rx, 100 sit ups, 75 sit ups)
Run 125 m, remaining time work on sit ups
Rest 3 minutes
WOD B: In 10 min, complete AMRAP of,
30 x double unders 
15 x kettle bell swings 
10 x hand release push ups

STRENGTH: Olympic Weightlifting Total
Snatch 1-1-1
Clean & Jerk 1-1-1

* Snatch and Clean means full squat. Find your 1RM for the lifts listed above.
* Total must be done in the specified order.
*Three attempts TOTAL per lift, once athlete specifies starting weight for 1st lift.
OPTIONAL WOD: 2 minute challenges of,
Max pull ups in 2 min
Max double unders in 2 min
Max Russian KB swings in 2 min

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