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February 6, 2018


TIME TRIAL: 100 burpees, for time 

WOD: Partner 24 Minute AMRAP

Alternating Movements of,
3 x Handstand push ups 
6 x Pull Ups 

9 x Toes to bar 
12 x Kettlebell Swings 
15 x Calories of Rowing
Partner A will do 3 handstand push ups, Partner B does 6 pull ups, Partner A does 9 toes to bar, Partner B does 12 kettlebell swings, Partner A does 15 calories of rowing, then Partner B does 3 strict handstand push-ups, and so on.


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It is official!!! The new location has passed inspection and we are ready to move in! Saturday is moving day. We will do our farewell WOD Saturday at 9:00 am and then get our move on!

New location address: 123 Reata Road

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