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December 13, 2017

SKILL/STRENGTH: 4 cycles for quality,
Row for cals, as fast as possible (M 10 cals/F 8 cals)
Single arm DB push press, 5 per arm AHAP
(1 minute rest)
WOD: For time,
400 m run 
15-10-5 of
Dumbbell squat cleans (55/35, 35/20, 20/12.5)
Anchored sit ups
400 m run
SKILL: Burgener WU
STRENGTH: A) 2 Position SQUAT Snatch (Above the knee + Floor) x 5 working sets
(Don’t count your warm up sets as part of the 5 sets! “Warm up sets” generally end around 60-65%)
B) Snatch Push Press 3 x3
(Perform 10 x banded pull aparts after each set)
WOD: 3 rounds for time,
5 x power snatch
10 x HSPU 
200 m run

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