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August 18, 2015

WOD: 4 rounds, for max box jumps, each round lasts 5:00

30 x double unders 

20 x wall balls 

10 x pull ups 

Max box jumps in remaining time

CORE DURABILITY: 100 total x of any combination,

Strict leg lifts/knee lifts

Sit Ups

Hollow Rock

Why do we need a strong core?
One of the main benefits of strengthening your core is increased balance and stability. Your core helps to stabilize the spine and pelvis — this means that walking, sitting, and standing are all tasks that activate the core. It also helps to keep your spine erect and your hip bones in a neutral position. Since your core makes up the center of your body and encompasses the spinal column, all movements pass through it. A strong core consists of muscles that work together in coordination to stabilize and support your body. Having strong core stabilizers enables you to maximize strength in your arms and legs.


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