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What’s with all this “Games” talk???


You’ve signed up for CrossFit and hitting the gym. You’re starting to notice changes in your body and lifestyle, and you’re feeling like you just “can’t get enough.” And then all of a sudden you start hearing about the CrossFit games. Perhaps you wonder if you have a visit in your future?
If you’re interesting in pushing yourself to the extreme by making and achieving new goals, welcome to the CrossFit Games!
The CrossFit Games athletes come from all over the world thanks to the innovative “CrossFit Open” online workout system. Athletes from our gym will compete as part of our roster of athletes and be ranked against others in your age group throughout the world.
NEW this year — a scaled division (yes, finally you’re thinking!!!) and a teen division for ages 14-17 (about time, we have some amazing teen athletes). Recently announced regional competition changes will shake things up a bit.
A unique aspect of the CrossFit Games is that they are constantly evolving. Rather than an Olympic-style system in which the same rules apply every year, the CrossFit games continue to evolve as athletes become more and more cable of contending at extremely high levels. For this reason, there is a great deal of mystery surrounding the Games themselves: athletes won’t know the details until just before the event itself. That’s where the mental element comes in. Oh, and that thing we’ve mentioned in previous posts about “facing fears?” That comes in handy right about then.
The Games “Open” begins February 26, 2015 and lasts for 5 weeks. Upon completion of the “Open’ then the top athletes travel to “Regionals” to have his/her shot at qualifying for the “Games” in July. Though the Games happen each summer, athletes must train hard all year long in order to be properly prepared to face the fittest from across the country and world.
If you’re interested in learning more about the CrossFit Games or even finding out how to compete, all the relevant information is on the CrossFit Games website and can be found here. We think aspiring to achieve greater and greater things is a worthwhile goal for any athlete, whether you’re a CrossFit veteran or just starting out. Ready for the challenge? Register today.

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