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February 19, 2015

WOD: 12 minute AMRAP

3 x overhead squats

25 x double unders

5 x overhead squats

25 x double unders

7 x overhead squats

25 x double unders

….continue increasing overhead squats by 2 reps each round, double unders remain at 25 reps

POST WOD STRENGTH: 5 sets of 10 hanging leg raises (straight legs or knees bent)

The hanging accomplishes two things:

1. Puts a burden on your back, grip, and everything associated with hanging from the bar.


2. Since the movement is initiated by raising your legs, you will be working more pelvic floor and hip flexors rather than sit ups that challenge you “upper” abs

If you can accomplish these reps with your feet straight, then do so, but many will have to scale to a knee up. The more you extend your feet out, the harder the movement becomes, so do not make it easy on yourself.



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