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It’s coming….The 2015 CrossFit Games

Join FallOut CrossFit as we welcome the 2015 CrossFit Games February 26, 2015!!!

We will be creating a FOCF team and encourage each one of you to join our team! We will announce when it is up and running and ready to join!

Five workouts released, one each week, competing for a chance to become the fittest man and woman on Earth.
The WOD Schedule:
15.1: Feb. 26 -March 2
15.2: March 5-9
15.3: March 12-16
15.4: March 19-23
15.5: March 26-30
This highly intense competition pushes individuals to the extreme and tests one’s physical and mental capabilities.
Do not be intimidated! You, yes, YOU, can enter and compete! This is a fantastic opportunity to set goals, hit new PR’s and take yourself to a place you never thought capable. Each WOD does give everyone to a chance be successful in some portion of it. We encourage EACH and EVERY ONE of YOU to get involved in this opportunity. You don’t have to be the biggest, baddest athlete of all. We believe each of you is has the potential to hit new goals during this five week competition!

New this year…

Scaled Open Workouts 

The Open takes place in garages and affiliates around the world, with athletes of all levels. For the first time, scaled versions of the week’s Open workout will be available so athletes can choose the programming that best matches their abilities. 
Each Thursday, when the Open workout is released, athletes will be able to go onto the Games site to see their division’s prescribed version of the workout and their division’s scaled version of the workout. 
As in the CrossFit Team Series, scaled workout will have specified standards for each movement. Athletes who opt for the scaled version will need to meet our movement standards and other requirements, and cannot scale or modify further.
The intent of the scaled workouts is to allow everyone who wants to compete, to compete at an appropriate level. Choosing the scaled version of the workout one week will not prevent an athlete from doing the next workout as prescribed. Those athletes who choose to do all five Open workouts scaled will be visible on the Scaled Leaderboard, where they can compete with their peers.
The scaled workouts are not for anyone who’s fighting to advance to the next stage of the CrossFit Games season. One rep of the prescribed version of the workout will be ranked ahead of the best score of the scaled version of the workout—we want to celebrate and reward the hard-earned first-ever chest-to-bar pull-ups, double-unders and snatch PRs. If you cannot get one rep of the prescribed version of the workout, or simply find the scaled workout more appropriate for you, you’ll be able to opt for scaled. You’ll stay on the overall Leaderboard, but pick up more points. 
Athletes who scale a workout will be removed from contention from regionals and the Masters Qualifier. Since team scores are calculated based on total reps and total time for the best six scores from the team, scaled workouts will not count toward the team division.
We hope the new scaled workouts will allow more CrossFit athletes to participate in one of the largest community events of the year, and post an official record of their fitness they can return to over time and try to beat.

New Teenage Division

We are adding a teenage division for athletes who are between 14 and 17 years old as of the close of score submissions for Open Workout 15.1.
The teenage division will have an overall Leaderboard showing all athletes between 14 and 17 years old who have not elected to compete with adult men and women. The teens will perform a different version of the Open workout than the adult male and female competitors. The winners of the teenage division will be crowned after the fifth and final week of the Open.  
All athletes between 14 and 17 will automatically be entered into the teenage division. Teens who want to be in the running for regionals—as a team or individual competitor—must change their division by emailing support@crossfitgames.com before the end of score submissions for Open Workout 15.1.
An athlete must be at least 14 years old in order to register for the Open. See the Rulebook for complete information. 

New State and Country Champions

While the Open is accessible to anyone, it is also the first step to finding the Fittest on Earth. The 4-year-old online competition has been remarkably good at finding CrossFit Games champions. Since 2011, seven of the eight winners of the Open have also been either past or future CrossFit Games champions.
This year, we’re going to use the Open to find the fittest in each country and U.S., Australian, and Canadian state or province.
Think you may be the fittest in your state or country? The Open will be your chance to prove it.

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