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It’s Coming….The 2014 LuRong Living Paleo Challenge

The time is nearing! Get ready….

The 2014 LuRong Living Challenge begins September 15th!


You will be educated on how to change your life, empowered with tools to make change happen, and be supported and held accountable every step of the way. The Lurong Living Paleo Challenge is about making a lifestyle transformation and provides a methodical, structured, and rewarding experience that produces results. This is where good intentions, dreams, and aspirations are given life and the opportunity to be fulfilled. Without Challenge there is no Change….

The only way not to improve is to refuse to take the Challenge. Our platform is 3rd party university tested and proven to improving both body composition and performance. That means the closer you follow our dietary guidelines, workouts, and entire challenge, the better your results will be. Whether you are trying to shed some unwanted pounds and inches or want to become a games athlete, the Lurong Living Paleo Challenge will help you reach your goals.

The community aspect of CrossFit is more than a warm and fuzzy feeling. It is about accountability to yourself and to others. It is being pushed to get one more rep, to hit a PR, and in return do the same for someone else. The Lurong Living Paleo Challenge will help build the community at your box through competition, accountability, support, and teamwork. The Challenge also provides a unique quality in that it brings people together from across the nation with a common goal. In this community you will learn from others, be inspired by their stories, and become an inspiration to others. Take the Challenge and be a part of something bigger than yourself.

Who isn’t motivated by prizes? We know that winning might not be your number one reason for taking the Challenge, but you might just find yourself taking home some of the more than $1000,000 in prizes that are up for grabs. We have created dozens of ways for you and your affiliate to win, and thanks to our sponsors, you are going to love the hook ups. In addition, everyone who registers receives an exclusive Lurong Living Paleo Challenge T-shirt. Finally, every affiliate to qualify as a team (20 members) will receive a prize package. So help your affiliate get the goods.

At the end of the day after all the inches are lost, PRs are set, and the prizes are won, the real winners are the thousands of lives that are impacted through the dedicated work of our Family of Charities. A portion of every registration goes to charity. Help us beat our 2013 Lurong Living Paleo Challenge totals of $30,000, and pass our 2014 goal of $60,000.



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