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What is a PR – or Personal Record?

You’ve done your first WOD, second, and third…. Once you’ve established a baseline, a Personal Record (PR) refers to your best time, weight lifted, most reps, etc. For instance, if you run a 5 K in 31:40 and in a subsequent race you run a 30:05, that’s your PR. In regards to weight lifting, a PR could be a new 1 rep max, or perhaps improving a back squat by 10 pounds. But, a PR can also refer to other accomplishments – first time doing a kipping pull up, doing double unders for the entire WOD, jumping up on a box for the first time – the possibilities are endless. What makes a PR special is that it is yours! PR’s are fun to keep track of, so you can refer back to them and record a new ones once achieved, but it also keeps you motivated in your training!

Introducing the FOCF PR board!

We want to hear about your accomplishments – doesn’t matter how little or big! Grab a pen and add your PR to the board!

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