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October 23, 2013

STRENGTH: Back squat

10 @ 60%

8 @ 70%

6 @ 75%

4 @ 80%

2 @ 85-90%

WOD: For time,

40 x thrusters

50 x chest to bar pull ups 

60 x burpees



“Feet First”

Bill Starr explains why the feet are the key to almost any lift.

…In the squat, few beginners bother to set up with their feet gripping the floor as I mentioned for the overhead press. They take the bar out of the rack, step back and with a relaxed body lower into the bottom position. Everything is loose, so when they get to some demanding weights, they either collapse like rag dolls or vainly attempt to tighten their legs, hips, back and shoulders while the bar is in motion. It’s no surprise when the weights win this battle. The squat starts when the lifter takes the bar off the rack. Even then, every body part should be taut, and each should stay that way as he positions his feet and gets set for his initial rep. When the weights are at max level, care must be taken to stay extra tight as he moves back to a position where he will not hit the rack when he’s squatting. Should he relax any muscle group, he will quickly discover that it’s much harder to tighten it up again with all the weight bearing down on his back, hips and legs. When he’s where he wants to be, he needs to take a moment to make absolutely certain that his entire body is extremely tight, from his toes to his traps. Now he’s ready to squat. Because he’s solid as a rock, he can guide the bar through the exact range of motion he desires. And if he starts the movement with an ultra-tight body, he will be able to drive out of the hole much stronger and be able to finish the lift smoothly

To read more about how important feet are in other lifts, read the article “Feet First” in its entirety. 

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