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September Athlete of the Month


Alan Hilmes



Hometown : Othello Washington.

Age: 59

Started training: Started training in Feb 2013

Favorite WOD: Hero WOD “Murph”

Least favorite WOD: Hero WOD Woods (%$#*@_*&)      

Sports and fitness: Briefly tried three different sports in high school. A few years of martial arts in my 20’s. Several years of running in my 40’s along with a year or so of masters swimming and some light weight training. Currently CrossFit.

Introduction to CrossFit: I was looking for a new exercise/fitness venue and while googling local options, found CrossFit. The Fallout website info was intriguing, so I scheduled the required intro session whereas upon completion a new reality of my actual condition emerged.  (^&%$*#@).    

 First WOD: I think my first wod started with seven minutes of burpees (about 40) and later some box jumping (5 or 6 plates) that’s about all I remember. I felt out of place for the work out, pretty burnt out at the end, however people in the class were helpful with questions and also encouraging.

Changes: Well….being seven plus years out of shape and adding on 30+ unwanted pounds prior to joining CrossFit I’ve now lost 20 pounds since starting CrossFit. I am enjoying greater endurance with some strength gains. ( I am able do a couple of pull-ups now).

Life changes: Other than meeting lots of people and making friends I rest a lot more…hahaha. Have discovered an additional avenue to try and improve my health via LuRong Paleo Challenge.

Favorite moments: Finishing Murph wod.  Completing a rope climb.  Actually doing the overhead squats during the Nancy WOD.  Watching the games prep class carrying heavy weights, jumping over boxes, and doing walking lunges with weights in the rain!

Advice: Give your max intensity that you can for that day and show up at the box consistently.

Interests: Family functions, cruising with a group of motorcycle riders, on 2-10 day trips.

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