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Twas the Night Before the Games!

We are officially here! There’s a solid group of us ready to cheer on and support Ken. Team Idler is ready for action! Ken’s got some awesome swag to show off too! Getting here was quite the adventure (at least for this group of 3)…delayed out of the Tri-Cities (go figure), then we got dropped off at the wrong hotel (Tim and Kevin were stoked that it was where we were staying…I had to burst their bubble and tell them it was the wrong hotel, sorry boys). Oh, and when we did check in and dropped our gear before eating when we tried to get back into the room the door broke and they had to call the engineer from home to come fix it. Found a Trader Joes while waiting to see if our door was ever going to be open again and found the most fabulous tasting Cookie Butter peanut butter. Yum!

But, we are here and ready to support Ken! The action starts tomorrow morning! Here’s the schedule of Ken is competing (50-54 Mens age group). You can watch live action on games.crossfit.com and follow the leaderboard for updates. I have my barely legal length lens ready for action (any longer and it’s not allowed!) and will try to post pics. In a surprise announcement for Individual athletes (the younger bucks), they will be competing on Wednesday in two events – always prepare for the unknown! Hopefully we’ll be able to check out some of that action too and come back with some cool souvenirs!

Tammy, and the rest of Team Idler!!!

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