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July 18, 2013

SKILL: Handstand hold, 3 x max effort


WOD: For 30 minutes, on the top of every minute, perform:

4 x box jumps 

8 x push ups 

12 x air squats

*If you miss the top of the minute because you are finishing the current round, complete that round, rest the remainder of the minute and pick back up at the top of the next one. Note your level and successful rounds completed.


Please note…..

We are heading to the CrossFit Games on Monday with FOCF athlete Ken Idler! Open Gym will not be available for the whole week (July 22-26) for the Monday/Wednesday @ 4:00 pm and the Tuesday/Thursday @ 9:30 am. Big thanks to the coaches staying here all pitching in to cover all the classes!


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