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July 16, 2013 – Tribute to Jesse WOD


15 minute burpee ladder

(1 burpee at minute 0, add 1 burpee every minute)

500 m row + 100 m for each minute not completed on the ladder

25 kettle bell swings

15 chest to bar pull ups

5 handstand push ups

3 muscle ups

5 thrusters

15 squat cleans

25 sledge strikes


In honor of Jesse, who designed this WOD for all of us at FOCF! Jesse has moved clear across the country but left us this WOD to remember him by – thanks, really. We all appreciated it. Jesse has been a staple of FOCF since its inception and even before. He and I (Tammy) started CrossFit about the same time (though who started first is still to this day up for debate) and has never looked back. Anyone who knows Jesse knows him for his intensity and never give up attitude. He pushes us all hard to be our best and is always the first one to step in and help. A couple thing we won’t miss…. the 1st snow tradition and the mankini. Oh boy, the gym you choose to workout at in South Carolina has no clue what they are in for!!! But honestly, we will all miss you more than you know. We wish you the very best! 

Tim and Tammy Smith and the rest of the FOCF crew!


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