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Two Days and Counting…

…the Journey Begins March 6th at 5:oo pm (PST)

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The 2013 CrossFit Games are here!


The three stage contest in a quest to find the fittest man and woman on Earth is comprised of the Open, Regionals, and the Games. It begins with the Open, the most inclusive contest in the world. The top athletes and teams from each region (we being the Northwest) move on to Regionals, and from there, the top move to the Games.

The Open is comprised of 5 workouts, released every Wednesday at 5:00 pm (PST). FallOut CrossFit will be participating in these workouts every Saturday at 10:00 am. You must be judged be a qualified FOCF judge to have your scores validated by FOCF. Please see the Team Manager (Tim) if you have questions.

We encourage each and every one of you to join the competition. Why you ask? Here’s why…

It’s because in a competition, you push yourself further than you are normally willing to go.  The act of competing isn’t important for just the best among us.  It is important for everyone at the gym-regardless of athletic ability.  Simply the act of signing up for a contest focuses your training and gives you goals.  Because when we are keeping score, and your score is going up on the Leader Board, it matters!

Just by your willingness to put yourself on the line, you are saying something very important about yourself.  It says you are not afraid to face the truth about your abilities. 

We want you to compete at something. Make it the CrossFit Games this go round…join the others on the team at FallOut CrossFit.

We want you to compete because it brings out the greatness in you.

Get Registered before March 6th!

Make sure you join the FallOut CrossFit affiliate AND the FallOut CrossFit team when you register!

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