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Thank you for visiting, John Rhode!


John Rhode, Biggest Loser Season 12 winner, has been making an appearance at FOCF this week. What a truly inspirational and kind man, and phenomenal athlete! He has plenty of fans at FOCF that were thrilled to see him walk through the doors and we are honored to work out with him! A firm believer in CrossFit, John just got back from attending the CrossFit Games and made it to our gym the same day to catch a workout. Now that’s dedication! John is in the process of opening his own CrossFit affiliate in Arizona, we wish him the best of luck, he will be a great motivator at his gym!

For those who don’t know John, he was born and raised right here in Kennewick, Washington. His weight struggle began as early as elementary school and he used his sense of humor to deflect the negative and hurtful comments from others. When John entered high school, he weighed in at 285 pound at 6 feet tall. Though athletically talented, John fell short in the classroom and this led to a suspension from football for the first part of the season in his senior year. Upon graduating at a weight of 240 and 6’4″ tall, John went on to play football at the Junior Varsity level. Not meeting the expectations he had set for himself, John felt a failure and developed an eating disorder.

In the Spring of 2011, John’s life changed forever as he joined the cast of NBC’s “The Biggest Loser Battle of the Ages.” When John arrived at the Biggest Loser Ranch, John weighed in at 445 pounds. Coached by trainers, nutritionists, and doctors, he battled his emotions and focused intently on his goals. As a contestant, John was the only contestant that was never up for elimination and ultimately earned a spot in the final four. At the finale in December, John won the grand prize of $250,000 at a final weight of 225 pounds, which translates into a weight loss of 220 pounds. John now has his life back and works daily to continue stay healthy and active. (Biography information courtesy of  John Rhode’s website).

John will be the key note speaker at the Tri-Cities Chamber of Commerce’s Luncheon: “Good Health is Good Business” coming up on July 25th. All are welcome to attend ($20 for Chamber members, $24 for non-members). For more information, call 509-736-0510 or email [email protected]

Thank you John, for the kind shout out this morning on 98.3 The Key. John made an appearance on the morning show…be sure to check out his entire interview.

To follow John’s journey, visit his website and become a fan on Facebook!


John Rhode, pictured with Kate Antolick, Audrey Idler, and Stacey Moody

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