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June 25, 2012

Skill: V-Up Log Roll


WOD: In teams of 3, complete 12 rounds total, rotate each round.

For time:

200 m row

5 hand release push ups

5 sumo deadlift high pull

*The two people not performing the round must take turns holding one dumbbell (one per team), it may NEVER be put down,  otherwise…immediate 7 burpees for the whole team. Men: 55 lb, Women: 35 lb

Games PREP

Strength: 4 Rope Climb accents or progressions

For Time:
Row 250 m
Cleans x 10
Run 800
Row 500
Cleans x 10
Run 400 m
Row 750 m
Cleans x 10
Run 200 m



Way to go PREP ladies! Climb that rope! Time to get everyone working on rope progressions.

Fun times ahead!!!



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