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June 11, 2012

Strength: 3 x 100 m sled pull

For time, with a partner:

300 medball squat cleans, every 50 cleans run 400 m together


The Medball Squat Clean

Med Ball Clean Stance: Legs shoulder width or slightly wider. Weight in heels. Back arched/lumbar curve locked in. Shoulders over the ball. Ball on the floor between the legs with clearance for the arms. Arms straight, palms on outside of the ball; fingertips pointing down.

Med Ball Clean Execution: Accelerate through the heels from the ground to full extension of the hips and legs. Shrug, with straight arms. Hip retreats; land in a full front squat, with the elbows beneath the ball. Stand to full extension with ball in the rack position to complete the movement.

Med Ball Clean Primary Points: Hips reach full extension. Hip is extended and shrug is initiated before arms pull. The ball is caught in a low (below parallel) and tight (not collapsed) front squat position. Fast and aggressive throughout. Athlete stands all the way up with the ball in the rack position to finish.

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