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Get Outside Your Comfort Zone


In sports psychology, a comfort zone is a zone in which an athlete continues to perform at a level which may not be indicative of their capabilities. They find it difficult to reach that next “breakthrough.” Sometimes it shows when we practice but most definitely shows while competing, or in your case most likely, in the WOD. You may self-destruct on the verge of a good performance or end up “stuck” at a given performance level. The CrossFit regimen constantly pushes you to go beyond your comfort zone, but ultimately YOU are in control making YOUR choices. So ask yourself, “Am I getting too comfortable in my routine?” Some things to think about before you honestly answer the question….have you been consistently doing the same level of workout without even questioning if you can do something harder….same weight, same distance, etc? Do you always choose the same partner/team for WODs that require teamwork? Remember that your mind is desperately trying to keep you as safe as possible. It doesn’t want you to experience anything new to rock the status quo. So, you basically do the same things every day – you eat the same food, you watch TV at the same time, you drive the same route, you chat to the same friends, you do the same activities, do the same weight, distance, band thickness. You’re living in a comfort bubble, and you are not growing! It may be time to get moving and push yourself out of your comfort zone.

When you make the decision to get outside your comfort zone – You grow – and so does your comfort zone. When you stretch your comfort zone, you grow as a person. Something that you were once afraid of or felt impossible to do is now part of your skill set. Your comfort zone has grown in the process. You feel more confident. Feel the successful of completing a task you thought was not possible. You can conquer the world in this new state! You are doing things that most people are not. To be more successful in life, business, or sport, you have to take bull by the horns. How many of your friends do what you do? Not many, that is a known fact. Tell them what you do at CrossFit and they think you are crazy! Not crazy at all, simply advancing your capabilities in life while leaving your friends in the dust. You move faster to your goals. Is your goal to complete a full Rx WOD? Or perhaps handstand push ups? Take a step by step process in order to get your goal. And, once you get there, be sure to acknowledge your success, not just to yourself, but to those around you too. You get new opportunities. You are more likely going to get exposed to new opportunities, if get outside your comfort area. Maybe your looking to join a team in a particular sport but your comfort zone was holding you back…take the chance and try out, your assets may be just what the team needs. Maybe you bought a new swimsuit with the hope that you may some day be able to wear it, but thinking in the back of your mind it wouldn’t really ever happen. Well, now you do have that opportunity because you have a reached a point in your fitness level that you are confident to put it on and show off your successes! You will never know the possible results unless you are willing to take the chance.

As you expand your comfort zone, you actually grow as a person to fill out these new boundaries. It makes sense. If you have a larger comfort zone, and continue to push the edges of it out, you really do grow as an individual – you have more experiences, more learning, and more wisdom.You also need to be aware that it is YOU who created the bars of your comfort cage. No one else. It’s time to take responsibility and start bending, and even removing, the bars to the cage


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