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April 12, 2012

3 Rounds for Time:

10 Turkish Get Ups

100 m run

50 sit ups

100 m run

100 air squats




The Turkish Get Up

The Turkish Get Up is a truly humbling exercise. Do not take it lightly, it will crush you! The TGU is a total body exercise. It’s an exercise that builds total body coordination, proprioception, overall mobility, and some serious core and shoulder strength. Here’s a run down list of the benefits:

Core Strength: The nature of the exercise has the load continually held overhead while you move underneath. Having the weight overhead while moving from a supine to standing position forces the obliques and the transverse abdominals to stabilize trans rotational forces and the rectus abdominals to prevent spinal flexion. These are qualities that are going to help you prevent injury as well as build your dream 6-pack. The core strength gained through this movement is sure to be beneficial to both the athletes and the weekend warrior.

-Shoulder Strength and Stability: Hold a heavy object overhead, and keep it completely still while going from supine to standing, repeatedly, yup sounds like a challenge to shoulder muscular endurance and stability to me. When performed correctly the scapula should be retracted and the weight placed directly above the shoulder as to keep the shoulder as stable as possible. The continual motion creates a challenge to stabilization at the shoulder in multiple planes. The entire shoulder complex is working constantly throughout the movement to stabilize the weight. Stability will vary depending on the mode that you choose to load the exercise with. Using a dumbbell provides less of a challenge towards stability where as using a kettlebell or even a sandbag creates an off set load which is a greater challenge.

-Overall Proprioceptive/Coordination: When we perform the TGU we pay special attention to make sure that we keep our eyes on the overhead weight at all times. Doing this keeps the weight and you in proper position and will aid balance. What this also means though is that we must learn to move the rest of our body through the steps using our own preconception, without visual input. Although this is intuitive to more advanced athletes this can be a challenge to some, making this a great exercise to build neuromuscular coordination. Knowing where your body is located in space and being able to coordinate efficient mistake free movement is valuable in both life and athletics.

-Overall Mobility: When performing the TGU you force your joints through their ROM in multiple planes. When performed correctly, the upright position provides a challenge to thoracic mobility in extension and rotation. Bridging the hips, tucking back the leg and going from kneeling to standing in the overhead lunge provides for great hip mobility and strengthening work, taking your body through the entire range of motion. Key to athletic strength and balance is being able to move through a range of motion while stabilizing force the Turkish Get Up builds these qualities.

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