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Jump Rope Madness

Have you ever….

  • Grabbed your favorite rope as soon as you see rope jumping is in the WOD and kept in your possession even during the warm-up?
  • Said, “My rope broke, who did this?!” or “If only I have my usual rope, my Annie time would have been 20 seconds faster”
  • Marked “your” rope so it’s easy to find every time you need it?

Well, whatever the case, people take “your rope” and ropes do break, and that’s just the fact of gym life.  You’ll find your perfect rope, and even try hiding in the bucket of mobility balls because “no one ever goes there,” just to find it missing again. One way to always guarantee you get your favorite rope is to buy your own.  We will always provide ropes, but can never guarantee their particular life span.  Here’s a question? How do you customize a weighted workout? Well, you simply change the amount of weight on the bar. But when it comes to jump ropes, these are height dependent. It’s not a “one size” fits all, and as you may come to a close approximation for proper length, the best way to be most effective in your jumping is to get a customized one. You may notice a few people in the gym bust out their own. Be sure to ask them when you see them do this how they like their rope. To help here’s a list of online sources for ropes.  Some more expensive than others, some more customizable.

Cable Ropes:

Most likely voted as the number one rope used in CrossFit today. A favorite is the quad-speed rope with bare wire cable option. Another option is a coated wire cable, a little less “ouchy.” The rope has a side swivel handle which can be preference for some but annoyance for others.   Side swivels do a good job of keeping the rope in nice “u” motion with hands relaxed to side…as soon as you bring hands away from your sides, the length of rope shortens…thus resulting in you “missing” your DU!   The bare cable option keeps the rope a bit more tangle free, is lighter, cuts through air a bit more, and is very fast.   However, it is known to provide some awesome looking welts if you get caught.   If you are just learning double unders this may not be the rope for you.  It does turn very fast and is a bit harder to “feel” the timing.  These ropes can be found at many sites online, shop around to find the best deal!


Rx Jump Ropes:

Rx Jump Ropes

Made in the USA and FULLY customizable! What does this mean? Not only do you select the appropriate rope length (the site provides directions) and you choose the thickness of capable (there’s a guide based on how many consecutive double unders you can do).  These guys at RX Ropes have done a good job catering to CrossFitters.  You can even customize your color!  They come in Badass Black to Tickle Me Pink… yes, really. (I recently ordered Naughty Pink, ha, ha, and it came within a week and I am fully please….and I think it may have just become my double under miracle!) The construction is solid.  They have a contoured handle that is thicker than the plastic style ropes (preference of some, too big for others).  The rope action is very smooth thanks to their ball bearing construction.  They are not side swivels, so rope is a bit more flexible. The cable thickness varies from Hyper 1.3g to the 4.1g Beast.  This gives a great “grow into” option.  Beginners might do good with a heavier rope at first, to “feel” the turn, then graduate to lighter ropes for those 100+ unbroken marathons.


Buddy Lee Ropes:

The Buddy Lee Master Jump Rope is designed with a swivel bearing system that is technically engineered for eliminating friction, drag, tangling and allows smooth turning action in all directions. It is designed with an advanced swivel bearing system for high intensity jump rope training and makes jumping easy, effortless and fun. The 9″ long handles are designed for both children and adults for easy execution of basic and advanced jumping skills. It has an innovative adjustment system that allows you to shorten and custom size the rope for your height in seconds. The swivel-bearing wrench is specifically designed to secure and easily replace the swivel bearings to maintain years of hyperformance jumping. The aerodynamic rope cord is made of PVC and can easily be replaceable like the swivel bearings. Adjustable for people 6′ 9″ and under.


Of course, there are many other options out there. Choose what will work best for you, these are just suggestions. And remember, the only way to get better at double unders is to do them!!!

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