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Get Ready for the 2012 CrossFit Games

(The video is a preview for this past year’s competition, but is does a great job of explaining the Games)


The search to find the fittest man and woman on Earth is just around the corner…

CrossFit introduced the sport of fitness to the world in 2007, when a small group (around 70 athletes) gathered at a ranch in northern California for the inaugural CrossFit Games.

CrossFit founder Greg Glassman has always believed the fittest athletes would be able to handle any and every task so the first event of the 2007 CrossFit Games was chosen randomly. With Coach Glassman presiding, colored balls labeled with movements were pulled from a hopper. A workout was created on the spot, and the assembled athletes were soon tested by a 1,000-meter row followed by 5 rounds of 7 push jerks and 25 pull-ups.

With rowing machines humming in the California sunshine, CrossFit ushered in a new era of fitness competitions—an era where no points are awarded for style or appearance. The only way to win: do more work faster than anyone else, and let the clock be the judge.

CrossFit has evolved over the years and 2011’s competition opened the door for an unheard of number of athletes. Over 26,000 people from around the globe entered the competition and this year looks to be even bigger. Read more about the history of the Games and the competition format at The Games Website.

Do you have what it takes??? YES, YOU DO!!! The Games takes HEART, DEDICATION, and DETERMINATION…each of you possesses the ability to conquer! Think about your goals and how to attain them. Your support system at FOCF is here to give you their best and push you when you need it most!!! Let’s start with a team meeting for anyone interested in learning more about the Games and we’ll establish a game plan. We’ll get the diets dialed in during our Paleo Challenge in January and this will lead us right into the Games competition. We will attack the weaknesses, excel in our strengths, and create a strong bond that will not be unbroken.


*SATURDAY, DECEMBER 18, 2011 AT 10:00 AM*

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