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December 8, 2011

Shoulder Mobility


The purpose of this exercise is to improve  the most significant shoulder range of motion for athletes- internal rotation.  If an athlete is missing IR, then the shoulder HAS to compensate by translating forward.  This loss of positioning affects mechanical advantage, the ideal length-tension relationship of the joint’s contractile features, joint congruency, and stability.

With a continuously running clock do:


One handstand pushup the 1st minute

Two T2B the 2nd minute

Three burpees the 3rd minute

Four handstand push ups the 4th minute

Five T2B the 5th minute

Six burpees the 6th minute

Seven handstand push ups the 7th minute

Eight T2B the 8th minute

Nine burpees the 9th minute

10 handstand push ups the 10th minute

11 T2B the 11th min

12 burpees 12th min

13 HS PU 13th min

14 T2B 14th min

15 burpees 15th min

16 HS PU 16th min

17 T2B 17th min

18 burpees 18th min

19 HS PU 19th min

20 T2B 20th min

21 burpees 21st min

*If you miss completing set amount in the round, continue with BURPEES until min 21.

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