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3-2-1….Double Unders!!!

This CrossFit instructional video will teach you how to properly do Double Unders. The first thing you need to be aware of is your rope length – a length that reaches the height of your chin will be good. A shorter length might be easier for you, and will help with tension on the rope, which is what you need for rope speed.
You want to work on keeping your hands down and tight. The spin of the rope comes from your wrist, not your shoulders. This will give you more rope speed which is what you need to do the Double Unders right. Your hands will be out front and narrow, and your jump isn’t much higher. If your hands go wide, your rope will get shorter and you will start to trip up. If you’re just learning how to do the CrossFit Double Unders, find a focal point to look at. Try not to move very far or bounce around when you’re doing the  Double Unders. Also, don’t kick your feet out in front of you. It’s about keeping midline stability and keeping your whole body tight – and swinging the rope with your wrist and not your body. With anything, the best way to get better is practice, practice, practice!

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