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Using the MindBody Scheduler

We want your class time at FallOut CrossFit to be the very best experience possible, each and every time. Your coaches are devoted to providing you the highest quality of instruction and we are honored by your commitment to change your life at our school of fitness. We truly appreciate how eager you are to come to class, and because we care about delivering the best training to each of you, we need to make sure class sizes are not over capacity. In order to do so, athletes will be responsible for signing in using the MindBody Scheduler online prior to class beginning November 1, 2011. It is very easy to sign in (Hopefully those of you who already do this would agree) and reserve a spot in your desired class! Your coaches will not be responsible for signing you in, but they are more than happy to help you learn the process. Please take the rest of the month of October to become familiar with the system and make signing up part of your routine. If you do not have your login information or have any questions, please send an email to [email protected].

Please follow these steps to sign in using the MindBody Scheduler online:

  • Go to www.falloutcrossfit.com

  • Select the “Schedule” tab at the top

  • Sign in to the MindBody Scheduler (you can even save the MindBody Scheduler as a “bookmark” on your internet)

  • Choose the class(es) that you want to reserve

A few things to note:

  • Cut off time to sign in is 60 minutes (used to be 120 min) prior to class commencing

  • The 5:30 am class has a cut off time of 9:00 pm, the evening prior

  • Cancellation is 120 minutes prior to class commencing (unless there is a special circumstance)

  • If you choose to attend more than one CrossFit class per day (which is not recommended), you will need to register for each one


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