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There’s a new shoe on the block…


Risto Sports is introducing an all new trainer for CrossFit WODs.  This is the first leather upper and solid rubber , flat heeled trainer on the market (according to Risto Sports). The toe is specially designed for comfort while doing burpees.  The hard rubber is also ideal for transmitting maximal force when doing box jumps or wider stance deadlifts.  Please note these do not replace Olympic weightlifting shoes (You need a heel to do an efficient and stable snatch and/or clean and jerk). For more information regarding this particular shoe, check out Risto Sports’ website. These shoes are available for Pre-Sale at the current time, listed at a price of $75.00. Who knows how good they actually are, but hey, it’s worth checking out!

So the question is……how important are shoes really? VERY, VERY! The ideal shoe for CrossFit features a flat sole so that you may easily transition from one movement to another. Shoes with heels (such as Nike Shox) tend to tip one’s body weight forward, putting you in an unnatural position to perform the movement. You will see many athletes trade their daily training shoes for special weightlifting shoes for Olympic lifting. The basic purpose of a weightlifting shoe is to provide stability, as such they have hard soles with no cushion and a raised heel. But, for the general WOD, any type of flat shoe is acceptable. You’ll see some CrossFitters sporting the New Balance Minimus, some prefer Vibrams, and if you caught any of the CrossFit Games action, you saw the athlete wearing a CrossFit shoe produced by Reebok. Even good old All Stars work! There are plenty of options out there, choose one that works for you, and remember, more expensive isn’t always better!



4 x 400 m runs, 50 air squats after each 400 m


4 rounds

21 deadlifts

15 pull ups

9 burpees


2 rounds

500 m row

400 m run

250 m row

200 m run

(rest for 1 min between each exercise)

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