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The Leaderboard

Comprised of the “CrossFit Girl” WODs, we occasionally visit the Leaderboard and challenge ourselves to get on the board for the very first time or move up in ranking. These are workouts that are standard in any CrossFit gym and though “Fran” is the “girl” everyone loves to talk about, the others are worthy of mention too. The leaderboard is a great way to check your improvements (remember how you should be recording your workouts down?).  As these “girls” are performed across the globe in standard form, go ahead, google them, check out other CrossFit webpages and see how you rank. Set a goal that you will perform one of these WODs in Rx form.

“Karen” was the “girl” visited this week at FallOut CrossFit. 150 Wall balls for time. What an amazing and inspirational event to watch. Way to ROCK the board, WOMEN of FallOut CrossFit!!!! Jo is ranked #1 with a time of 5:02(!!!!!!!!!!!!!) and we are excited to add Mary Ann on the board at #4 with a time of 7:07 and Lara #5 with a time of 7:10. On the MEN’s side, Ken earned the #5 spot at 7:42, GREAT JOB! We look forward to visiting other “girls” in the future, we gotta knock some names around!

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