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When the Going Gets Tough

There are definitely days that you look at the white board and think, “There is absolutely NO WAY I can do this!” Am I right? I’m thinking today’s WOD may have been one of those days for some of you. But, you ALL did it, and you gave it your all while doing it! That’s the great thing about the crossfit community, no one will let you quit, no one will let you down. They’ll be right there with you when you lay on the floor and don’t want to get up, they’ll run that last 400 m with you when you just want to stick out your thumb and hitch a ride, and they’ll be there when you’re doubled over visiting with Pukie. We don’t give up, we ALWAYS give our best. I am proud of each of you every time you finish a WOD!

20 min AMRAP:

10 DB thrusters
10 renegade rows
100 m farmers walk

III-55/35, II-35/20, I-12.5/7.5

And….Friday’s WOD…sorry for the delay (I’m still in the learning process)

row 50 cals
100 m sprint
row 40 cals
100 m sprint
row 30 cals
100 m sprint
row 20 cals
100 m sprint
row 10 cals
100 m sprint

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